Coin Lotteries

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Updated January 17, 2020

Welcome to Coin lottery!


The Coin lottery is where you get to purchase tickets using points and then you to be able to win coins, which you can use to win free games on

Here is how you can join our Coin lotteries!


1. Go to and click the lotteries icon that is located under the reward program. (be sure that you are logged in)


2. You will be redirected to the main lottery page where you can start purchasing tickets. In order to purchase tickets press on play lottery.

*Lottery tickets can be purchased only with points. The points are located at the left of your name with the star icon.

  • Win 25 Coins Steamkeybox:  Amount of coins that you can win
  • Time Left: Duration left before the lottery is restarted and a new winner is listed.
  • Ticket Buy Price: Price of purchasing a ticket
  • Ticket Refund Price: Amount of points that will be returned to the user if he/she does not win.
  • Total Tickets Sold: Total number of tickets bought by all users
  • Winning Chances Per Ticket: The chance of winning the coin lottery (Winning chance = # of Tickets/Total Tickets sold)
  • Your Current Balance:  Amount of points currently on your account.


3. There are 7 Coin lotteries for you to choose from. Each lottery offers a different amount of coins to be won, and they also differ in price per ticket.


4. If a user wins the lottery the winner’s name will be posted on the page where he/she participated.


5. After winning, you can claim your coin voucher on your profile page in the steamkeybox section, so you can activate the code in steamkeybox to get your coins.


6. Here is how you can claim your coin on the steamkeybox.

Kindly follow the steps listed below for you to be able to redeem your coin on the steamkeybox.

  • Go to your profile page in allkeyshop on the site you are registered or where you joined the lottery.
  • Copy the voucher code which corresponds to the coin lottery that you have won.
  • Go to steamkeybox
  • Go to my account and scroll below the page for the space provided for you to paste the code.



  • You have now redeemed your Coin. You should see your coins located at the top with the C icon

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*If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can email us at, we will be more than happy to help you.