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G2A review and coupon

Created in 2013, the G2A.com shop was able to impose its brand in several areas related to video games. Like many e-commerce companies, the G2A.com headquarters is based in Hong Kong.

We are working with G2A.com since July 2013. G2A comes from Go2Arena, a Cdkey seller site which has been launched in 2012 and that we had reference already at the time, which allowed us to propose this new site quickly, taking into account the age of the previous site, and overall we did not find any problems with their services.

G2A was able to leverage many areas related to the video games to make himself known, such as e-sports, sponsoring many teams such as Cloud 9 or the liquid Team and much more. But they were also able to improve their visibility by hiring the services of very well-known personalities on YouTube such as Pewdiepie, Ocelot, and Minerva. Since 2 years, they have also helped “Save the Children” association.

  • Company name: G2A.COM Limited
  • License: 63264201
  • Support Schedule: 24/24 7/7

G2A and coupons (updated June 2017)

We are in close contact with G2A.com and currently the following promo code offers a cashback of 3% on your purchase: allkeyshop

The cashback means you will get 3% of the amount paid on your customer account G2A, it will be possible to use it in one of your future orders, you also have the possibility to accumulate your winnings to pay you a game entirely via your customer portfolio.

G2A and Identity Check 

It is possible that if your purchase looks suspicious, the CD key vendors may subject you to a security check. This may be pretty annoying and you may lose time besides having the feeling of injustice and violation of your privacy. Each of our trusted shops have different policies on these security checks and we recommend the following best practices to avoid suspicion:

  • Do not use proxy / VPN with your purchase.
  • If you use Paypal, use the same email address to create your account on CJS-Cdkeys website.
  • If you use a credit card, use the same first and last name in your order on CJS-Cdkeys website.

G2A and Trustpilot (updated June 2017)

G2A has a excellent Trustpilot rating of 9.0/10.

G2A trustpilot

G2A and Allkeyshop network rating (updated June 2017)

With to our rating system, we get a score of 2.81/5 for the G2A.com seller. This is calculated taking into account the ratings of our 8 sites.

The opinion of the team: (updated June 2017)

I would like to start by saying that I really appreciate G2A.com. We feel like the website shows a professional design with a focus on their services offered. Their site is one of the best in my opinion with competitive pricing for games, though not always for the most popular titles. This is a major distributor with a vast selection of video games available. It is always worth looking into the various sellers when shopping in their marketplace and to review the reputations of the individuals available. Please feel free to share your experiences so as to better inform each other when selecting which CDkey seller you do business with.



To post a review, leave a reply in the comments with the following template:

  • Date : XX/XX/XXXX
  • Hour : XXHXX
  • Game name : XXXXX
  • Price : XX,XX Euro
  • Means of payment : XXXX
  • How much time did it take to receive the key : X minutes/hours
  • Did you use support : yes/no
  • How much time did they take to respond : X minutes
  • Key works : yes/no

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  1. Faisal says
    November 5, 2017, 03:41

    Bought 100$ usd itunes card and didn’t work, when I contacted g2a support they wanted impossible evidence to give. Basically apple wouldn’t give you the details you need. They refused to give me back my money

  2. Lolssi says
    October 19, 2017, 09:19

    Date : 18/10/2017
    Hour : 14H43
    Game name : Fallout: New Vegas (ultimate)
    Price : 06,39 Euro
    Means of payment : PayPal
    How much time did it take to receive the key : instant
    Did you use support : no
    Key works : yes

  3. Desten says
    September 14, 2017, 10:27

    I bought Steep for 24,20 GBP the 6th of September, it wasn’t in stock but according to them it was due to arrive within 12 hours. I waited until the 10th before sending them a mail asking them when I could expect to get my key, I got a reply the same day saying they’re waiting for the keys to arrive and I should get it as soon as it arrives.
    A few days go and the 14th I get a mail informing me that I have been refunded. I did get all my money back (so they didn’t take their “1 GBP refund fee”). I never asked for a refund, I wanted my game. Now they have it in stock and the price tag is even more than the Steam store.


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