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CJS-Cdkeys review and coupon

Created in November 2009, the CJS-CDKeys store is set in the CD key industry in only a few years. In 2012 the creator of the brand, Corey J. Smith has already appeared in “The Sunday Telegraph”, being in the top English entrepreneurs of the year. CJS CDKeys headquarters is based in Belize.

We have been working with CJS-CDKeys since May 2013.

  • Company Name : CJS Sales & Services LTD
  • License : 127465
  • Support Schedule : 09:00 to 21:00 (GMT)

CJS-Cdkeys and coupons (Update June 2017)

We always communicate with CJS-Cdkeys and unfortunately there are currently no valid coupons or discounts available with this store. If you are looking in other places for coupon codes, you will unfortunately waste your time with unreliable or not recommendable sites. Some of our trusted stores have a coupon voucher policy, while some do not.

CJS-Cdkeys and Identity Check

It is possible that if your purchase looks suspicious, the CD key vendors may subject you to a security check. This may be pretty annoying and you may lose time besides having the feeling of injustice and violation of your privacy. Each of our trusted shops have different policies on these security checks and we recommend the following best practices to avoid suspicion:

  • Do not use proxy / VPN with your purchase.
  • If you use Paypal, use the same email address to create your account on CJS-Cdkeys website.
  • If you use a credit card, use the same first and last name in your order on CJS-Cdkeys website.

CJS-Cdkeys and Trustpilot (Update June 2017)

CJS Cdkeys has a great Trustpilot rating of 7.8/10. 

CJS-CDkeys trustpilot

CJS-Cdkeys and Allkeyshop network rating (Update June 2017)

With our own rating system we get a score of 2.56/5 for CJS-Cdkeys seller. This is calculated taking into account views of users from all of our 8 websites.

The opinion of the team : (Update June 2017)

By making regular purchases for our lotteries or giveaways, we never had any problems with CJS-CDKeys. This seller started very well, however he has a small team. Many receive their games normally, but when it happens to be a problem, you might have to wait up to 48 hours for it to be solved. On some games they have interesting prices, witch can make it interesting to choose from them. I invite you to leave your opinion in the comments below to tell me what you think, to help all the users to determine which CD key seller to choose.



To post a review, leave a reply in the comments with the following template:

  • Date : XX/XX/XXXX
  • Hour : XXHXX
  • Game name : XXXXX
  • Price : XX,XX Euro
  • Means of payment : XXXX
  • How much time did it take to receive the key : X minutes/hours
  • Did you use support : yes/no
  • How much time did they take to respond : X minutes
  • Key works : yes/no

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  1. vagelis says
    October 14, 2017, 06:17

    i ordered windows 10…they asked me for my ID pic along with selfie.. i did all but they didnt liked the quality of the selfie so i have sent it everything seperately as well… still they didnt like it..so i had to cancel my order… they have refunded me immedietly..i think its only a site that try to phish our info and id’s for other susspicious and fraud activities….

  2. TEXDELTA says
    October 13, 2017, 09:49

    I bought cd key for emergency 2017 and i dindn’t get nothing…
    only few emails where the informed me that that the would have restock the cd key but i did have to wait!
    Don’t belive that u’ll get the key in 12 hours…
    at least i got refound after several emails.

  3. Master says
    September 26, 2017, 21:30

    Bought Warframe: Crimson Dervish pack months ago and they do not seem to have any intent to restock while they continue to sell same product.

    Automatic key system is just scheme which does not refund, and after creating various tickets from requesting that key to refund. They have refunded it for me as store credit.

    Total fucking pyramid scheme.

  4. September 24, 2017, 10:01

    Don’t buy from them, it’s a scam site. They foreced you after the buying to verify your phone number without any information they accpet numbers only from UK or give your ID and a credit card…. Refound does not work at all, top of that you can ask refound for only store credit

    Not rated
  5. Runze says
    September 22, 2017, 14:00

    The reason why they don’t even deserve a single point is the scam they do, by selling wrong products and referring to the description afterwards… in my example PES 18 is sold by them as the limited edition, they sell it for less than the other shops, which is how they got me trapped..

    Allkeyshop should remove the offer from the listing because it is a scam.

    Instead of the limited edition they sold me the premium edition.. The premium edition is way cheaper than the limited edition. They offer both editions on their homepage for the same price, one title is premium the other title is limited, the descriptions are almost the same.
    I asked the support before wether the sold edition was the premium or limited.

    Their comment on my support request was:

    The code provided is correct according to the product page description. Please always be sure to read the product page of the item you are purchasing, not the information stated on a different company website.

    I would highly recommend not to use this site, every time you try to make a payment, if there is some error, you can not go back to the site but have to make an entirely new order, which is just annoying. They use a skrill wallet for receiving payments, so if you use neteller be aware of the extra costs, they won’t mention it..


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