Windows 10: Should You Get Home or Pro?

1 December 2018 at 09:05 in Gaming News with no comments
Windows 10

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, or maybe switch from an entirely different operating system like OSX or Linux, you might be wondering whether you should be getting Windows 10 Home Edition or the Pro Edition. You may even be someone who is already on Windows 10 Home but is wondering whether or not you need to upgrade to Pro.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the features you get in both versions which should help you decide which one to get. Let’s dive into the Home Edition first.

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home Edition is the basic version of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Being the basic version, it packs all the essential features most people need to go about their daily computing needs. This includes the handy new voice assistant called Cortana. There’s also the Battery Saver feature which allows you to manage your PC’s power settings, and even the new biometrics security feature, Windows Hello.

The Home Edition also comes with Microsoft Edge, the company’s newest browser which replaces Internet Explorer. For Windows Tablet users, a feature called Continuum allows seamless transitions between desktop and tablet modes. It also has support for Virtual Desktops if you’re into that kind of thing.

Home Edition really has everything a normal user needs, whether that user is a student, a gamer, or even someone who uses their computer for work. However, if your computing activities require more advanced features, then you might want to check out what the Pro version packs.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro Editon is the next step up and packs some powerful features not found in the Home Edition. These include BitLocker which encrypts full volumes of data, Assigned Access 8.1 which enables administrators to restrict specific users from accessing certain apps, and a specialized browser called Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer.

The Pro Edition also allows users to join domains, manage group policies, and access another computer via Remote Desktop. There’s also dedicated ‘Business’ versions of the Windows Store and Windows Update. These features are geared more towards people who do a lot of work within their company’s network.

Windows 10 Pro also includes all features available in the Home Edition.

The Right Version for You

So, should you get Windows 10 Home or Pro? Well, it all comes down to whether of not you need the more advanced security and connectivity options the Pro version provides. For basic users, students, gamers, and those who do light work on their computers, your best bet would be going with the Home Edition — it’s cheaper and you get all the features you need. For power users and those who use their computers to connect to their company’s network, you’ll most likely want to go with Pro.

Hopefully, this helps you make an informed decision on which version of Windows 10 to get. Whether you’re going with Home or Pro, just remember you’ll get the best deals for Microsoft’s latest operating system right here at

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