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Citation tool Allkeyshop


It is a tool that checks daily if you added “ALLKEYSHOP” to the nickname of your Steam account.

With the Citation Tool, you can participate to quests on our reward program. Highlighted and normal quests allow you to earn points which you can use to get more spins on the Wheel of Fortune.



Enabling the Steam Citation Tool allows you to play a second Wheel of Fortune in our Reward Program.

You will also be rewarded with 10,000 Points daily for as long as “Allkeyshop” remains on your Steam name.




It’s very easy! 

  • Register to our Reward Program
  • Link your Steam account to your account. Make sure your Steam account is set to “public.”
  • Now go to your Steam profile and add “Allkeyshop” to your Steam Profile name (as shown in the image below).
  • Then click on the text in the red square in the next chapter of this tutorial
Click Here Citation Tool Allkeyshop
  • That’s it! After 24 hours, you’ll get to receive your 10,000 Points for the day and then play on your 2nd Wheel of Fortune.
Allkeyshop Citation Tool

Steam citations

Add one of the markers below to your Steam name and win points as long as you keep it.

10 000 points daily

Steam Markers
  • allkeyshop

In order to submit a citation, please login !

My Citations

You need to be logged in to see your citations summary.


Rino says on 19 January 2023 at 16:49:35

i put the name as Nevarnosto | [Allkeyshop] , is it ok? i don’t like the looks of the simple dash

Riri from Allkeyshop says on 20 January 2023 at 11:33:31

Hello Rino,

Sorry to say but it is not okay. You should follow the name format. You can find more information about the citation tool here:

Best Regards,
Allkeyshop Support Team

ShidaPenns says on 10 January 2023 at 21:44:55

Eh, I didn’t have the http.// in my username, that got automatically added in my last post. :p

ShidaPenns says on 10 January 2023 at 21:43:41

They deleted my username for having in it. -_- Will try with just my username and ALLKEYSHOP, but I have to wait a day before I can change my username.

Riri from Allkeyshop says on 12 January 2023 at 13:05:45

Hi ShidaPenns,

Steam doesn’t allow anyone to put an URL in the username, just put Allkeyshop and all will be fine.
For more info on citation tools, you can visit this page

Kindest Regards,
Allkeyshop Support Team

jeepsurfin81 says on 25 November 2022 at 03:22:09

Says no marker found, but when you click URL it shows up? Can you double check please?

Riri from Allkeyshop says on 25 November 2022 at 15:29:29

Hi Jeepsurfin81,

The marker on the citation tool will be checked once a week, every Saturday only, so I guess you need to wait a bit. And also make sure that you set it as public.
If you have other concerns, please message us at

Kind Regards,
Allkeyshop Support Team

Cyber says on 2 November 2022 at 21:39:38

Quick question, are these “citations” verified manually or automatically? I’ve had it on my Steam profile’s name since yesterday, and it is still not confirmed. Thank you for your attention.

Riri from Allkeyshop says on 3 November 2022 at 13:41:50

Hello Cyber,

The steam citation tool verification is automatic and can take up to 48 hours, with a check every day to verify if it is still active.
Make sure you click on the white button “Click here to submit your Steam name citation”

Best Regards,
Allkeyshop Support Team

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