Valve’s Deadlock Hero Shooter Leak – New Insights

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Gabe Follower is certainly one of the most passionate Valve content creators, and on Twitter (X) on 16 May 2024, he brought some completely unexpected news for many, refreshing the memory of many. In fact, the user shows several screenshots of what appears to be a new game by Valve. Screenshots directly shared by some testers that have been making rounds on the internet and have been discussed in depth by many other creators, including Tyler McVicker.

Deadlock: What the New Leaks Say About Valve’s Hero Shooter

The leaks talk about a competitive 6 vs 6 team-based game in the Hero Shooter style. A genre certainly not new and well-established for many years, with the first Overwatch being a significant contributor. The novelty is that the game uses a third-person perspective and leans more towards a fantasy setting. It features Tower Defense mechanics where objects and abilities result from a mix of magic and steampunk. With strange creatures, wizards, and robots as Heroes.

Deadlock leak, character using the map's rail

The game also seems to have a certain verticality and speed, as according to the leaks and impressions of some testers, there are rails throughout the map like those seen in Bioshock Infinite, covering almost all of Columbia.

Neon Prime Renamed Deadlock – The First News and What the Future Holds

Let’s say that if Deadlock is a completely new name, the game itself has a different history. Deadlock was previously known as Neon Prime, with the first rumors dating back to 2022. On 14 October 2022, the US trademark office registered a certain Neon Prime on behalf of Valve, and indeed, a few weeks later, many already had some info about the game. Specifically, that the game world was inspired by Dota rather than the classic Half-Life. This is confirmed by recent leaks about the game world combining magical and steampunk elements.

And these news came from the aforementioned Tyler McVicker, who in October 2022 confirmed the new game’s closeness to Dota. As well as the fact that Neon Prime was not a first-person shooter, now confirmed with the third-person perspective. In the coming days and weeks, we will certainly receive more news and leaks from users, and hopefully, something official from Valve. We only know that Deadlock/Neon Prime has been in development since 2018. That said, the leak has not been well-received by many, seeing it as a negative direction for the company. With Counter-Strike 2 having a big problem not only with cheaters but also with the game not functioning as it should, Team Fortress 2 in a state of neglect, and Dota 2 continuing to succeed but with many players wanting more deserved attention from Valve.

Deadlock image leaks from testers and Hero Grey Talon by Gabe Follower


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