UFC 5 Gets Iconic – Play as Mike Tyson for FREE

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UFC 5 is the latest MMA fighting game by EA. It was released on October 27 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. For a few more days, you can get the MMA legend Mike Tyson for free. Find out all about it here.

Main Information

  • You can get Mike Tyson for UFC 5 for free until March 15.
  • Save on purchasing UFC 5 with AllKeyShop.

What is UFC 5?

UFC 5 is the latest MMA game by EA. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which involves various fighting techniques. In this game, you’ll engage in exciting online fights in the ring against other players. There’s also a ranking system where winning fights helps you climb up. Additionally, there are major tournaments where you can prove yourself against many other players.

UFC 5 Mike Tyson

Get Mike Tyson for Free in UFC 5

Currently, you can get Mike Tyson for free for another 3 days until March 15 and then keep him forever. After purchase, you can fight your battles as the renowned American boxer Mike Tyson and intimidate your opponents directly.

Whether you’re playing UFC on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, Mike Tyson is free on both consoles. You can find Mike Tyson for free in the PlayStation Store and here in the Xbox Store. So, if you own UFC 5, be sure to get Mike Tyson for free. Alternatively, purchase the game this week and play directly as Mike Tyson.

Buy UFC 5 at the Best Price

If you’re into exciting online MMA fights, you should definitely try UFC 5. AllKeyShop compares prices from over 60 verified key sellers and always shows you the best price. So, don’t hesitate and get UFC 5 now at the best price and receive Mike Tyson for free.


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