Stellar Blade: New Trailer Reveals Horrifying Naytiba Bosses

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Stellar Blade: New Trailer Reveals Horrifying Naytiba Bosses

Stellar Blade, the PlayStation exclusive title from Shift Up that ignited the internet long before its release, returns into the spotlight with a new trailer. A trailer that focuses on the Naytiba, the bosses and enemies we will encounter during the adventure playing as the protagonist Eve.

What are Naytiba and the New Trailer

After showcasing Vignettes about Eve and the 3 main secondary characters of the story, the centerpiece of the new trailer titled Tooth & Claw is the Naytiba. Mysterious as they are lethal, these creatures will be at the center of the clashes of the Eve Defense Force. Shift Up confirms that behind the design of these enemies is the intervention of Hee-Cheol Jang, a renowned Korean designer with expertise in creating monsters with animalistic features and realizing modeling with clay models.

The game director of the development team speaks and confirms that the intention behind that of the Naytiba is to create entities both visually and in gameplay, as powerful as they are extremely unsettling, using elements that directly affect the human subconscious such as the lack of eyes and faces in wrong places. Something we can notice from the trailer in which 3 Naytiba appear showing reptilian elements such as scales and claws, as well as anthropomorphic forms, one of which is also winged.

Hee-Cheol Jang clay model for Naytiba in Stellar Blade

When Does Stellar Blade Release and How to Find It at the Best Price

In short, the dystopian adventure of Stellar Blade, by Shift Up, seems to bring a breath of fresh air to the gaming industry. With a Demo with very positive feedback, a story that sees humanity continuing to fight, fun gameplay, and characters with very elaborate design, many are awaiting the release date. Release date set for 26th April 2024, exclusively on PS5 at the listing price of €79.99 ($69.99). But with Allkeyshop, you can stay informed about the most competitive prices with offers that will soon be available at a lower price as the release date approaches.


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