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Stellar Blade was released about a month ago and has become very popular among gamers. This is also because the developers keep releasing further updates for the game, thus creating an incentive to keep playing. With a new update, a new game mode was introduced yesterday. You can find out all about it here.

Main Information

  • On 25.5., the Boss Challenge mode for Stellar Blade was released.
  • Get an exclusive Nano Suit by playing.
  • Save on purchases with AllKeyShop.

What is Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is an action-adventure game exclusively available on PlayStation 5. Explore the open world of Stellar Blade as Eve and stylishly defeat heaps of enemies along your way. Your task is to reclaim Earth from the hostile Naytibas. In this game, you can expect exciting battles and stunning graphics.

Boss Challenge Mode

Now with Update 1.003, the new Boss Challenge mode has been introduced to Stellar Blade. Here, you can battle against all 19 bosses in the game. However, this is only possible after you have defeated the bosses in the main game, so there’s no practice before the actual fight. Once you’ve completed the game, you can even defeat the bosses on a higher difficulty.

Stellar Blade Boss Challenge Mode

You can either fight with your own equipment or alternatively use one of the various presets. Naturally, there are quite powerful presets that make the fight quite easy, but there are also ones that will make you despair.

After this battle, you will be shown the stats of the fight, such as the duration of the fight, how much damage you received, how many times you perfectly parried, and much more. You can use this feature perfectly to compare yourself with your friends and turn the boss battles into a competition.

New Nanosuit

Through the Boss Challenge mode, you can also get a new Nanosuit, the Neurolink Suit. You get this when you complete the Boss Challenge and defeat all 19 bosses, regardless of the difficulty.

Stellar Blade Boss Challenge Mode

Additionally, two more Nanosuits have been introduced to the game through the update. These are White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi, both of which you can now unlock in the game itself.

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