Sonic Frontiers 2 Confirmed – New Gameplay Details & Possible Name Change

25 April 2024 at 09:39 in Gaming News with no comments

Rumors of a possible sequel to Sonic Frontiers are picking up momentum after multiple leakers reveal game is in development.

Sonic Frontiers 2 Confirmed

Is Sonic Frontiers 2 confirmed>

If multiple sources on X are to be believed, Sonic Frontiers 2 could already be in development. First reported by DanielRPK, fellow X user and industry insider MbKKssTBhz5, also known as Midori, confirmed the rumors of another game featuring the blue hedgehog.

Midori continued to say that although the upcoming game will be a sequel to 2022’s Sonic Frontiers in gameplay style, but that the name “might change.”

There has been no official word from SEGA of an upcoming Sonic Frontiers 2, but the rumors alone have got the Sonic fans excited of a possible upcoming announcement.

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