Rail Route 1.0: The Ultimate Train Dispatcher Simulator is Here

26 February 2024 at 17:20 in Gaming News with no comments
Rail Route 1.0

Rail Route 1.0 Train Dispatcher Simulator

Train buffs, rail buffs, and trainspotters prepare for the ultimate rail network management sim in Rail Route, which launched 1.0 last weekend.

In Rail Route 1.0, you’ll design, construct, upgrade, and automate a railway network based on real-life cities, dispatching trains, unlocking new technologies, completing contracts, investing upgrade points, and expanding your network with complete freedom.

Rail Route is a game that begins with a beautiful simplicity, but as it progresses and your network expands, the more complex your task will be to keep everything working on time and running smoothly, but by that time, you’ve developed the skills required to see your vision through to its conclusion.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy Rail Route is with its community of creators who are always expanding its universe of maps. An entire community designing, sharing, and creating maps for you to explore.

Download Rail Route Simulator

To celebrate the launch of Rail Route 1.0, the developers have put the game on sale with a 25% discount, dropping the price to €18.74. BUT, by comparing the price on Allkeyshop, you can save another €8!


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