Planet Zoo PS5: Cheapest Key Prices Compared & Ranked

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Planet Zoo PS5: Cheapest Key Prices Compared & Ranked

As part of an exclusive promotion, Planet Zoo, the zoo-themed simulator and management game by Frontier Developments, is available with a 20% discount on the PlayStation Store. A discount not to be underestimated for this relaxing and family-friendly game, full of animals.

Where to Find the Best Prices for Planet Zoo PS5 Keys

Planet Zoo is available as part of an exclusive promotion on the PlayStation Store, an offer available until 30 May 2024, with a 20% discount. This discount reduces the listing price by 10€, bringing Planet Zoo from 49.99€ down to 39.99€. An intriguing discount, but thanks to Allkeyshop you can save even more! Allowing you to get Planet Zoo for PS5 for around 35€, saving another 5€ compared to the offer on the PlayStation Store.

What is Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a management and simulation game developed by Frontier Developments, proposed as the spiritual successor to the classic Zoo Tycoon games, but with a gameplay mechanic similar to Planet Coaster, developed by the same team. In Planet Zoo, we are allowed to create our dream zoo. With a strong customization system that will allow us to build our zoo with various themed wildlife attractions. Not only creating suitable habitats for each animal but also managing the economic side of the zoo, trying to attract tourists and, most importantly, taking good care of the animals.

A fantastic management game that allows us not only to create and beautify each themed habitat but also to see the animals interact with each other in their natural or our handcrafted new habitats. Thanks to a realistic animal AI and a highly detailed graphic side, it will let us discover more about famous animals, but also the less known ones! A charming game that also offers a certain level of challenge on the management side for those who love the genre.


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