Is it safe to buy a game from these stores ?

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Updated December 4, 2019

Is it safe to buy cd key?

The answer is Yes, all stores that appear on our site are regularly tested anonymously by our team. You can also review stores, or read reviews left by other users in our list of stores. A store that has too many negative reviews would be suspended and we would open an investigation. We take pride in the safety and quality of service on stores that we refere me stores are not on our comparison list because they do not offer enough safety, or they have bad support, or even sometimes they have a huge delay in delivery.

This is unacceptable and these stores are simply not up to the standard quality we request for our users.

Beware of some sites that make strange deals or fabulous prizes. It is not uncommon to see people complain of having been deceived after their purchases. That is why we recommend you to use our price comparison tool. We have taken steps to ensure that such problems do not happen to you, or in the worst case, we can assist you to ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

We take into account your personal interests before those of the store.

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