GTA 4 Complete Game Key on PC for Under €6 – Steal This Deal

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GTA 4 Complete Game Key on PC for Under €6 - Steal This Deal

As part of a Special Promotion on Steam, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition receives a big price cut with a 70% discount. We’re talking about the complete edition of Grand Theft Auto IV containing not only the main game but also the two expansions The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony in one package at a modest price.

Where to Find Discounted Keys for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition at the Best Price

Grand Theft Auto IV in its Complete Edition is available as a Special Promotion on the Steam Store. Sale available until 27th May 2024, with a 70% discount bringing the whole package to just 5.99€. A very competitive price but with Allkeyshop you can find it at a slightly lower price!

What is Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition is the complete and definitive edition of Grand Theft Auto IV, the fourth main installment in the beloved series by Rockstar Games. A world-renowned series and one that many are eagerly awaiting the new sixth installment. GTA IV was released back in 2008 and revisits a different version of the previously seen Liberty City. This time we will play as Niko Bellic, a former Serbian military man seeking a new life following the American dream.

Unfortunately, his unpleasant past will involve him again with the underworld, and soon he will face new challenges. Accompanied by a colorful and charismatic cast, we can choose which path Niko will follow. And thanks to the Complete Edition, we will have access to the two expansions that will focus on the characters of Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez. Certainly, a game with some years behind it, but that definitely shows a more serious side compared to GTA V and a rather intense story. In short, a must-have for every fan of the series, and especially for those looking for a story by Rockstar with a more serious theme.


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