Fallout 4 gets a Next-Gen Upgrade for PS5: Track Key Prices Now

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Fallout 4 gets a Next-Gen Upgrade for PS5: Track Key Prices Now

After the announcement of a Next-Gen Upgrade in 2022, Fallout 4 is finally getting ready to land on the latest generation of consoles. In particular, fans are excited to be able to play the title on PS5, with this new patch bringing many improvements to all platforms but also marking the official launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Fallout 4: What does the Next Gen Upgrade bring?

The new Next-Gen Upgrade is a substantial update dedicated to Fallout 4, which in these weeks is seeing a return to popularity thanks to the Series currently airing on Amazon Prime. An Upgrade mainly dedicated to the latest generation of consoles, but also bringing improvements to all platforms. The main features of this Upgrade include:

  • 60 FPS and High Resolutions with Performance Mode and Quality Mode now available. Native Widescreen resolutions on PC
  • Various gameplay and game stability fixes
  • Addition of the Enclave expansion, with the “Echoes of the Past” storyline, and themed equipment (Weapons and Power Armor)
  • Integration of new additions from the Creation Club, for community-created content

Very interesting additions, especially the one dedicated to the return of the Enclave, at the center of the main story of Fallout 3, of which we remember Fallout 4 has some characters returning as adults. Primarily the potential companion MacCready (former mayor of Camplight) and the Brotherhood of Steel Elder Maxson (former Squire of Sarah Lyons).

Fallout 4: When does the Next Gen Upgrade arrive and the best prices on Fallout 4

The next-Gen Upgrade also marks the official launch on the latest generation consoles, including PS5. The release date of the Next-Gen Upgrade is set for 25th April 2024, but the most sensational news is that the update is completely free! In fact, all you need is to own a copy of Fallout 4 already installed on your console and apply the upgrade to take advantage of the new features, and even on PS5, having the PS4 version of Fallout 4 installed will allow you to make the most of the PS5 features.

Fantastic news, considering the rather affordable price of Fallout 4. And thanks to Allkeyshop, you can find the best prices for PS5 in anticipation of the new Next-Gen Upgrade.


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