Exciting Palworld News from Summer Fest – Compare and Save on Prices

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Exciting Palworld News from Summer Fest - Compare and Save on Prices

With the Summer Game Fest just around the corner, PocketPair, the team behind the famous Palworld, confirms their participation in the gaming event. Not just their presence, but also promising many new features and long requested ones that will be showcased at the event.

Palworld – The Summer Game Fest Appointment

The Summer Game Fest is certainly one of the most anticipated events of the year, especially after the closure of E3. It’s not only eagerly awaited by gamers but also an opportunity for many development teams and publishers to proudly showcase their new game offerings. Whether it’s upcoming content or new titles, the Summer Game Fest has become a fixed appointment for many.

Pocketpair of Palworld announces new features coming at the Summer Game Fest

The same goes for the PocketPair team, especially because it was during the Summer Game Fest of 2023 that the team launched the reveal trailer for their Palworld, complete with an official date for Early Access on 19 January 2024. And with an announcement on Twitter (X), the team confirms their participation in the Summer event, along with many important new features coming.

Palworld New Features and How to Save Right Away

With the team’s promise to bring the complete game by 2025, we can certainly expect many big news about Palworld during the Summer Game Fest. Remember, it starts on 7th June 2024, with the famous Geoff Keighley, and very likely during the Xbox showcase on 9th June given the proximity. PocketPair promises new features and especially the arrival of much-requested features from the community, certainly trying to leave a veil of mystery over everything.

Among the recent updates, we have seen in version v0.2.4.0 tweaks to the new Alpha Pal, the XL versions of Pal, as well as accessibility and time to collect drops. Not to mention the arrival on Nvidia GeForce Now, Nvidia’s streaming service that allows everyone to play their game library in streaming even on the go. As always, with Allkeyshop you can save right away on Palworld with the best prices available. And remember that Palworld is included in the Xbox Game Pass library.


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