Dead Season Demo Arrives This May: Save with a Cheap Game Key

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Dead Season Demo Arrives This May: Save with a Cheap Game Key

In an announcement on 22nd May 2024, the Snail Bite team shared big news about their game, Dead Season, a turn-based strategy set in a zombie apocalypse. The team announced the imminent arrival of the game’s demo, allowing players to finally get their hands on the team’s debut title coming to Steam.

Dead Season – Demo Release Date

The Snail Bite team confirmed in their recent Dev Blog 3 fantastic news for everyone interested in trying out the game. They announced the arrival of a demo on 30th May 2024, but with a small note. The demo will be available only until 17th June, 2024, giving interested players about 18 days to try it.

It’s unclear, however, if the demo will remain in players’ libraries once the demo period ends, as has happened with other teams, or if it will be removed. At first glance, it seems that those who add the demo to their account in time will still be able to access it after the set period, allowing them to try it at their own pace before the planned announcement for 2024.

What is Dead Season and How to Save on the Game

Dead Season is the debut title from Snail Bite, published by Iceberg Interactive, a well-known publisher for indie games. The team aims to offer a turn-based strategy set in a zombie apocalypse, where players will control four survivors working together to stay alive and escape to a safe location. Yes, the game is heavily inspired by classic team-based horror games like the famous Left for Dead, featuring a group of four survivors collaborating in a zombie-infested world.

Not to mention some special zombies that are reminiscent of the Hunter, Tank, and Spitter, at least as seen in the trailer. Additionally, there is a sound mechanic that attracts zombies and certain environmental interactions to overcome or defend areas, like activating machines or barricading/defending doors and windows. It’s a neat idea that seems more like a tribute than a copy, offering interesting gameplay with strategic and tactical single-player turn-based play. We don’t have information on the price yet, and the release date is still set for 2024. So, keep an eye on the game’s Steam page and Allkeyshop to save as soon as the game is released.


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