BlizzCon 2024 Officially Cancelled – Here’s What Happens Now

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With a news release on 25th April on the official Blizzard website, we received sad news regarding BlizzCon 2024, the public event where the community gathers to celebrate their passion for Blizzard games together. A conference full of events and news about new updates and often the stage for important announcements with new games or significant changes.

BlizzCon 2024: Cancellation and What’s Coming Next

The news certainly surprised many fans of the Blizzard universe, eagerly awaiting the conference that generally falls around the first weeks of November. The news came with a considerable advance notice of about 6 months, generally required to organize the event in time, but also to give the news in time for fans worldwide who may need to plan ahead if they want to attend. The news comes directly from Blizzard’s official website, and from the dedicated BlizzCon section.

Twitter News of BlizzCon 2024 Cancellation

The team regrets having to cancel the 2024 edition, promising the conference’s return in the future. However, they promise to soon bring news regarding World of Warcraft: The War Within and the first expansion of Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred. Live events won’t be lacking throughout 2024, and they mention live events for the Overwatch Championships for both Dreamhack Dallas and Stockholm, the event at Gamescom, and the 30th Anniversary of Warcraft.

BlizzCon: Reasons for the Cancellation

The reasons have not been declared, and this certainly isn’t the first postponement of the conference even though it’s a big disappointment after its return in 2023, especially considering the live event was missing since 2020. On one hand, we have a major restructuring underway at Blizzard for a few months now, now under the Microsoft umbrella, which includes a large mass layoff of about 1900 employees at the end of January 2024. This restructuring is certainly taking priority over BlizzCon. On the other hand, there is also the significant disaster that was the 2023 edition, with a smaller event, age restrictions, and too much focus on the at-home experience with paid virtual ticket as well.

We can assume that the cancellation of the 2024 edition is a combination of these reasons, along with other more confidential ones, and that it may be a year of pause that will allow the 2025 edition not only to return stronger than ever, but also to capture the experience of the conference’s golden years while also making use of Microsoft’s direct leadership.


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