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The latest update for Warhammer 40K: Darktide, Path of Redemption, is out now. Find out what’s inside the update and how to buy your game key at discount on Allkeyshop.

Warhammer 40K: Dartide Path of Redemption

Warhammer 40K Path of Redemption Update Details

Warhammer 40K: Darktide Path of Redemption is the latest update from Fatshark for their intense, fast-paced FPS set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The Path of Redemption is gigantic with dozens of balance changes, fixes, tweaks, and new content, including a new enemy, revamped penance system, and mission changes. There is so much to get through, so let’s jump into the key features of the new Darktide update.

What Is Darktide Path of Redemption?

Firstly, what is the Path of Redemption? It’s a new free reward track with 45 unlocked tiers by completing penances and earning points. Fatshark has ensured that each tier is more than achievable, with rewards such as portrait frames, insignias, weapon skins, poses, and much more.

45 tiers may not seem like a lot, but this is just the beginning, with more tiers promised later.

Improved Penance Tracking

Alongside the Path of Redemption reward track, to help you follow your penances and upcoming rewards, Fatshark has improved the penance and contract system with an updated tactical overlay, allowing you to track up to five penances.

Path of Redemption Penance System Changes

The new overlay will work like quest tracking in MMOs, with penances updated as you progress through them. Another feature of the system sees chat messages pop up during missions to alert everyone in the party when a Reject completes a penance.

There’s also a change to Sire Melk’s contracts. Players no longer need to visit him to accept weekly contracts. Instead, players will automatically accept them once they enter the Morningstar, and rewards will also be automatically collected. Praise the God-Emperor.

The Dreg Tox Bomber Darktide Enemy

Finally, we also have a new enemy in Darktide. The Dreg Tox Bomber throws a Blight Grenade that covers the area in toxic gas. It will reduce your toughness and eventually apply corruption, and the gas will buff enemies standing within it, increasing their defense.

Darktide Path of Redemption New Enemy

You want to avoid messing around with the Tox Bombers, with the best strategy to ensure the party targets them first to prevent any potential squad-wipe.

Darktide Path of Redemption Update Patch Notes Improvements

Other changes in the Path of Redemption update include a new aura buff icon in the HUD, combat feed settings for more customization, player assist notifications, and item rarities added to all in-game items.

And just because it’s you, Reject, here’s the full list of changes via the Fatshark post on Steam:


    • The damage reduction granted by the ‘Feel No Pain’ keystone, combined with the high amount of Toughness being replenished by the ‘Smash ‘Em!’ and ‘The Best Defence’ talents, made Ogryns extremely tanky in both melee and ranged engagements with just a small talent points investment.
    • Stacks of Feel No Pain will now be removed also by taking Toughness damage, but will also regenerate much more quickly, punishing Ogryns who only rely on face-tanking hits.
    • Conversely, several underperforming talents on the right side of the tree were buffed, rewarding Ogryn players more for continuing down the same side.

    Feel No Pain

    • Stacks will now be removed upon taking any kind of damage, and not only when taking Health damage.
    • Added a 1s grace period after a Stack is removed, where additional Stacks cannot be lost.
    • Reduced the Stacks recharge cooldown from 6s to 3s.
    • Changed the Toughness Damage Reduction bonus from being additive to multiplicative.
    • Dev note: This means that the bonus will have diminishing returns when combined with other Toughness Damage Reduction effects.

    The Best Defence

    • Toughness replenished: from 25% to 20%.

    Smash ‘Em!

    • Toughness replenished: from 25% to 20%.


    • Rending on elite kill: from 15% to 10%.


    • Damage dealt increase per enemy hit in Bull Rush/Indomitable: from 1% to 2%.

    Mobile Emplacement

    • Damage reduction while Bracing: from 15% to 20%.

    Steady Grip

    • Toughness regeneration while Bracing: from 2% to 3%.

    Burst Limiter Override

    • Chance to Trigger: from 5% to 8%.

    More Burst Limiter Overrides!

    • Chance to Trigger: from 8% to 12%.


    Executioner’s Stance

    • Cooldown: from 35s to 30s.

    Marksman’s Focus

    • Grace Time on Weakspot Kill: from 3s to 6s.
    • Grace time on Weakspot Hit: from 1s to 3s.

    Tunnel Vision

    • Toughness Replenishment per Stack: from 2.5% to 5%.

    Tactical Reload

    • Reload Speed: from 20% to 25%.

    Out for Blood

    • Toughness Replenished on Kill: from 3.5% to 5%.

    Scavenger & ‘Survivalist

    • Added a 5s Cooldown.


    Disrupt Destiny

    • Made improvements to how and when the targets are selected.
    • Stacks now fall off one by one (similar to Warp Charges granted by ‘Warp Siphon’).
    • Duration: from 15s to 4s.

    Lingering Influence

    • Disrupt Destiny Duration: from 30s to 10s.


    • Disrupt Destiny Max Stacks: from 30 to 25.

    Scriers Gaze

    • Cooldown: from 30s to 25s.

    Empowered Psionics

    • Increased Based Damage of Assail Aimed Attacks: from 200 to 225.
    • Increased Smite Damage Bonus: from 125% to 200%.

    Kinetic Presence

    • Damage against Elite Enemies: from 5% to 7.5%.


    Inexorable Judgment

    • Duration: from 8s to 6s.
    • Max Stacks: from 20 to 15.

    Stun Grenade

    • Stun Duration: from 6s to 8s.
    • Base Radius: from 7 to 8.

    Infectious Zeal

    • Shared Critical Hit Chance: from 33% of ‘Blazing Piety’ to 66% (5% Effective Crit Chance to 10%).

    Bug Fixes and General Changes

    Weapons and Abilities

    • Fixed an issue where the attack strength type for the Turtolsky Heavy Sword Mk VI 2nd attack and the Turtolsky Heavy Sword Mk VII 1st attack in the Heavy attack chains was incorrectly set to Light instead of Heavy.
    • Fixed an issue where the Toughness replenish on melee kill bonus from the Ogryn “Unstoppable” talent was lower than intended.
    • Dev note: The value of the bonus was changed from 10% to 100%, meaning that the effective total amount of Toughness being replenished on melee kill when the talent is active should now be 10% of max Toughness.
    • Fixed issue where the ability cooldown of “Scrier’s Gaze” could not be reduced while the ability was active.


    • Fixed a case where Rager type enemies could end up running in-place.
    • Fixed so airlock doors don’t close if enemies are inside the airlock.
    • Increased stagger threshold for Crushers, Bulwarks, Plague Ogryns and Chaos Spawns.
    • Dev note: This was to make heavier enemies harder to chain crowd control.
    • Made Scab/Dreg Ragers combo attacks dodgeable, reduced stun from attacks.
    • Dev note: This was done to make Ragers a bit more interesting to engage with in melee.


    • Added a slightly faster light stagger animation.
    • Removed possibility to spawn big packs of Bulwarks as patrols, reduced amount that can spawn simultaneously as roamers.
    • Removed the “force field” in front of Bulwarks that allowed them to block hits/shots that didn’t look like they would be blocked by their shield.
    • Increased health by 33%, and set lower stagger resistance during attack animations.
    • Dev note: Bulwarks will now block only hits/shots that directly hit the shield frontally, allowing players to more easily flank them. To compensate for the loss of angle-blocking and the reduced spawn rate changes, the durability of Bulwarks has been increased.


    • Ascension Riser 31: Fixed locations where bots would hang from invisible ledges in the end event of Ascension Riser 31.
    • Archivum Sycorax: Slightly adjusted a Daemonhost location in Archivum Sycorax. Dev note: The previous location could interfere with the completion of the new Martyr Skull penance.
    • Chasm Logistratum: Moved end event respawn beacon in Chasm Logistratum.
    • Chasm Station HL-16-11: Fixed a location where players could end up out-of-bounds in Chasm Station.
    • Enclavum Baross: Moved the respawn beacon in the mid event of Enclavum Baross.
    • Excise Vault Spireside-13: Fixed a bug that caused players waiting to be rescued to be teleported after the mid-event prior to its completion in Excise Vault Spireside-13.
    • Hab Dreyko: Fixed location where players would die when hanging from a ledge in Hab Dreyko.
    • Mercantile HL-70-04-510: Fixed an issue where specialists could not spawn on the bridge in Mercantile HL-70-04-510.
    • Power Matrix HL-17-36: Fixed a location where enemies would fail to navigate through a door in Power Matrix HL-17-36. Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into the mission while an Auspex scanner required attention during Power Matrix HL 17-36.
    • Refinery Delta-17: The final arena in Refinery Delta-17 has seen a number of changes to improve the gameplay experience.
    • Dev note: More ranged units will appear. Additionally, enemies will no longer appear from the doors in the central pillar, but will instead come from above and the sides of the arena. This should help balance the difficulty and encourage a more dynamic and diverse experience throughout the event.
    • Smelter Complex HL17-36: Added blockers to prevent players from going out-of-bounds in Smelter Complex HL17-36.
    • Vigil Station Oblivium: Fixed bots dying when rescuing players hanging from a ledge in Vigil Station Oblivium.


    • Fixed an issue that caused the Auspex display to not scale properly on screens with aspect ratios different from 16:9.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause inputs to be immediately registered as the Auspex scanner was opened.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause other inputs from blocking the player from interacting with the Auspex scanner.
    • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in a black loading screen when matchmaking for a mission.
    • Fixed an issue with enemy spawns in Auric Hi-Intensity missions.

    VO and Audio

    • Added missing female Cutthroat detonation pack lines.
    • Added new VO lines for the player blitzes.
    • Tweaked conversation balance and frequency across the game.
    • Added killstreak responses for female Fanatic.
    • Dev note: Male counterpart will be added at a later date.
    • Shipmistress Brahms has taken a more active role on the Mourningstar vox channels.
    • Player characters will now express frustration when failing at the hacking minigame.
    • Limited Sefoni Meat Grinder gossip to three times per visit.
    • Sound now bleeds through doors that only enemies can use.
    • Dev note: This should fix multiple issues where enemies could be totally silent even if the player was close to them. One example is the Poxburster, who could stand in total silence when spawning behind these doors.

    HUD/UI Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where world markers (such as location, item, and enemy tags) would have their position on the screen dependent on resolution. This was most noticeable on ultra-wide monitors. These markers should now be correctly positioned in relation to other HUD elements regardless of resolution or aspect ratio.
    • Fixed an issue where trying to tag items would behave differently when playing on different aspect ratios and/or with different HUD Scales. This was most noticeable on ultra-wide monitors with a lowered HUD Scale setting.
    • Fixed alignment of the “Warning!” text for bigger events, causing it to overlap.

    Cosmetics Fixes

    • Fixed hair clipping issues on the Veteran “Ragtie” type cosmetic headgear items.
    • Fixed issues with clipping unnatural stretching on the scroll of the Veteran “Gilded Carmine Battleshroud” cosmetic headgear.
    • Fixed clipping issues with the Veteran “Militarum Tox-Field Jacket (Trenchstorm Campaign)” cosmetic upper body.
    • Fixed an issue with the belt not always displaying properly on the Zealot “Garb of the Gilded Redeemer” cosmetic upper body.
    • Fixed an issue where Accessory- type items (like backpacks) would float behind a character while wearing the Zealot “Shrivener’s Jerkin” upper body cosmetic.
    • Fixed an issue where wearing the Ogryn “Krourk MK IIE Monoptic Aug” cosmetic headgear could remove the character’s eyebrow.
    • Fixed a clipping issue on the Psyker “Kobaloi Topcoat” upperbody cosmetic which would occur on one of the body types.
    • Fixed some deformation issues which could occur on some faces while wearing the Psyker “Excoriator Occular Augmetic with Psykhana Collar” headgear cosmetic.
    • Fixed missing ‘obtained from’ information for “Mind Witch’s Duty Rainment” Psyker lower body cosmetic.

    Other Fixes and Tweaks

    • Removed player stuns from normal enemy ranged hits and Toughness break.
    • Lowered the toughness break grace damage reduction applied to players, especially on higher difficulties.
    • Dev note: Toughness break grace is a brief damage reduction for attacks that occur after Toughness breaks; this value has been lowered a bit to make ranged damage more dangerous.
    • Optimized performance of fire effects.

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