Undisputed Drops Release Date Trailer with Discounted Early Access

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Undisputed Drops Release Date Trailer with Discounted Early Access

Finally, there is some news about Undisputed, the boxing game by Steel City Interactive that was released back in January 2023. The team has enthusiastically announced that Undisputed will soon leave Early Access on Steam and will finally arrive on consoles. All of this accompanied by a brand-new trailer.

Undisputed: The Official Launch and Arrival on Consoles

The news came on 16th May 2024, with announcements on all platforms regarding the official launch of Undisputed, which is scheduled for 16th October 2024. But that’s not all, along with the official launch Undisputed will also be available on current-gen consoles, specifically PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This means it will not be available on PS4 and Xbox One, as according to Deep Silver, the publisher, it’s done in order to deliver a boxing experience never seen before.

This news has been well received by many boxing fans who have been lamenting the lack of a worthy game dedicated to their favorite sport, often citing titles released during the PS3 and Xbox 360 era.

The Main Features of Undisputed and How to Save Money Before Its Release

Undisputed is a game that was released in Early Access on 31st January 2023, on Steam, and it certainly attracted the attention of many boxing fans, receiving good initial feedback. It brought a breath of fresh air with some new features. On one hand, we have the classic and essential career mode, where you start as a novice and work your way up to become a champion and defend your title. On the other hand, there’s a complex but intriguing combat system. In collaboration with various boxing organizations, the team has created a dynamic system that integrates over 60 types of punches, physics integration, the Adrenaline system, and 50 attributes and traits for each athlete.

Offering a certainly strategic component that die-hard fans of the sport will appreciate. With the official launch scheduled for 11 October 2024, Undisputed will be available in two editions: the Standard Edition at 39.99€ (49.99€ on Consoles) and a Deluxe WBC Edition at 79.99€, which includes additional fighters, outfits, and 3-day early access. The game is currently available in Early Access with a 20% discount, bringing the price down to just 31.99€.

But that’s not all; thanks to Allkeyshop, you can save even more on the Standard Edition. The game is available for just 20€, half the price of the Standard Edition. Allowing you not only to save right away and try the game now, but also to save further if you decide to upgrade to the Deluxe WBC Edition! An unmissable opportunity for big fans of the Boxe!


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