Today’s Best CD Key Store Discounts (21 July 2020)

21 July 2020 at 04:39 in Deals with 4 comments

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We’ve got the best discounts for video games right here, right now! Check out our list, and save more in your CD key purchase!

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Best Discounts (21 July 2020)

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 CD Key Compare Prices

Borderlands 3 brings mayhem, adventure, and a lot of loot! Play as one of the four new Vault Hunters and stop the Calypso Twins from banding together bandit clans and claiming supremacy over the galaxy.

At your disposal are “bazillions” of guns and gadgets to aid you in your fight, in new worlds set beyond Pandora. Play with other players online in co-op and band together to complete your goal.


The Sinking City

The Sinking City CD Key Compare Prices

The Sinking City puts you in the shoes of a private investigator who wants to uncover the truth behind a possessed city as well as its citizens’ minds.

Solve cases with the game’s open investigation system, and watch how each one unfolds differently according to your actions. Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons from the 1920’s and take on freaky creatures.

Your very own mental health also counts, so watch for yourself, too!


DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal CD Key Compare Prices

Speed and power all in one game? DOOM Eternal has it!

Become the Slayer and conquer demons across different dimensions in order to stop humanity’s destruction. Get access to the latest demon-killing technology with advanced weapons, abilities, and more.

Play in singleplayer in the game’s campaign, or with two other players in Battlemode where 2 players play as demons, and the other one a Slayer.


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot CD Key Compare Prices

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot lets you relive Goku’s story beyond the anime series’ epic battles. In Kakarot, you will also experience fishing, eating, and training while also battling iconic enemies like Frieza.

You can also take on side-quests that give you a break from all the action, and also brings you never-before-seen story moments.