The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission DLC 50% Off This Halloween

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Get prepared to be spooked this Halloween with The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission. For a limited time, the survival horror DLC is 50% on PlayStation.

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Key Facts

  • The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission DLC is available for PS5 on the PlayStation Store at 50% discount.
  • The DLC involves a high-stakes mission, where players must navigate the perilous Black Iron Prison and recover crucial data while facing terrifying new enemies and utilizing powerful weapons.
  • The discount is available for a limited time. You do not want to miss the opportunity to explore this thrilling content at a reduced price.



Striking Distance Studios offers Final Transmission, the story DLC for The Callisto Protocol, at a massive 50% discount this Halloween. The deal is available on the PlayStation Store for PS5 and is only on until November 1.

  The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission  



Black Iron Prison, once a fortress, now teeters on the brink of disaster. It’s up to you to step into the fray and save the day. Your mission? A high-stakes race against time to recover Dr. Mahler’s invaluable data, smuggle it off the treacherous moon of Callisto and find redemption in the process.

Navigate the perilous prison, dodging the horrors lurking in the shadows, as you strive to secure Dr. Mahler’s groundbreaking research and transmit it to the far reaches of the universe.

Along the way, you’ll unveil the horrifying secrets behind Mahler’s experiments and the sinister influence of Kallipolis that stretches farther than you could ever imagine.




Battling not only the grotesque biophage and lurking Security Units within Black Iron, you must now confront an entirely new terror – a nightmarish hybrid of biophage and machine.

These relentless foes stalk the crumbling prison with an eerie, mechanical determination. Stay vigilant and harness every weapon to obliterate these formidable adversaries.

But you have a new weapon! Equip the all-new Kinetic Hammer and become an unstoppable force against the biophage hordes.

With this heavy-hitting tool, you can pound a single biophage into oblivion or, for crowd control, take on multiple enemies at once.

And you can even unleash its charged heavy attack to inflict devastating damage and dismember your foes with unmatched power.




Halloween is all about spooks. And with The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission, you can expect a few frights and heart-pounding moments.

But don’t worry, the price is not as scary as the DLC, as you can grab it at half price on the PlayStation Store for the PS5. The deal is only available until November 1.


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