Tencent’s New Elden Ring Game: Not What You Expected

9 February 2024 at 19:00 in Gaming News with no comments

According to some recent rumors, including the British news agency Reuters, it seems that a new title based on the Elden Ring universe has appeared among the new projects of the giant Tencent.

An unexpected surprise for many fans of the FromSoftware’s title who are still eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for the title.

Gaming Giant Tencent seems to be working on an Elden Ring game  

The background of Tencent’s Elden Ring

Tencent is a well-known name in the gaming industry. In fact, the giant not only dominates the Chinese market but has also made a name for itself in the foreign market in recent years. First of all, there’s the acquisition of Riot, the studio behind one of the most played titles in the world, League of Legends. Also notable are its various investments, including a 40% stake in Epic Games.

However, in recent years, Tencent has faced strong competition domestically from smaller studios that have produced some of the most popular and profitable titles of the moment. This has prompted the giant to use its investments by trying to create original titles from famous IPs. And this is where FromSoftware’s title comes in. In fact, Tencent owns a hefty 16.25% shares of the studio, even more than Sony itself and together owning a third of the studio.


Tencent’s New Elden Ring: Free to play and microtransactions

Considering the huge success of the collaboration between the famous writer George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, and FromSoftware, the father of the soulslike genre, has brought with Elden Ring, it seems that Tencent wants to leverage the title’s notoriety to bring strong competition to the Free to Play market. As many may already know, Tencent generally adopts the Free to Play formula with monetization systems to maintain gaming services, which are highly preferred in the Chinese market over one-time purchases.

So, knowing their approach, it’s reasonable to think that Tencent will use the Elden Ring universe as a basis to propose a completely original gameplay title. A type of gameplay that, with the Free to Play formula and microtransactions, would deviate from the classic soulslike method, instead drawing inspiration from open-world titles like Genshin Impact.


The new Elden Ring from Tencent’s vs Genshin Impact

It seems that this new Elden Ring aims to challenge Hoyoverse’s title, Genshin Impact, primarily in the mobile market. A title that, despite a certain decline in players, continues to generate staggering figures. This decline in players, looking for something new to play and hoping to receive more attention and respect from the development team, has created a small gap that many new publishers are trying to fill with their themed titles.

A title bearing the name of a prominent IP that would use gameplay or an approach similar to that of Genshin Impact, offering freely explorable game content and utilizing the Gacha system with new characters and events to keep the attention of the mobile player audience. However, this doesn’t mean that the title won’t also arrive on PC and potentially on consoles, remembering that Genshin itself has a strong community precisely because of its multi-platform choice. We’ll have to wait for further news on this matter, but it’s worth noting the potential impact that such a title could have on mobile gaming and spin-off titles of important IPs.

Rumors of a mobile game in the Elden Ring universe by Tencent  


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