Team Cherry has Announced Hollow Knight Silksong

15 February 2019 at 15:24 in Gaming News with no comments
Hollow Knight Silksong  

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Team Cherry has revealed Hollow Knight Silksong, a full-blown sequel for their award-winning 2017 action platformer. The game started out as another DLC for the original game but blew up into a such a big adventure that the team decided it should be its own game.

The sequel will feature a new protagonist — Hornet. Her adventure takes place in a completely new land filled with over 150 new deadly enemies. Don’t worry though, Hornet has access to a new suite of moves and an expansive arsenal of weapons she can use to dance around her enemies and bring the beatdown.

You can check out Hornet in action in the reveal trailer below:


Hollow Knight Silksong will be available on PC, Mac, Linux and Switch when it launches. Other platforms may follow. The thing is, the 3-man studio will take a lot more time to finish the game now that its a standalone title. But then again, it might end up being a whole lot better

Good news for Kickstarter backers of the original game: They get a copy of the sequel for free. Even better, they’ll get to choose whether they get the PC version or the Switch version. Higher tier backers who got multiple copies of the original will get the same treatment for Silksong. They can choose either PC or Switch for their primary copy, while all extra copies will default to PC. For more details, you can check out the official announcement.

No release date or window has been announced at this time.

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