Steam & Epic Games Spring Sales vs Allkeyshop: Match of the Day 5

18 March 2024 at 15:22 in Deals, Gaming News with no comments
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We are already on the 5th day of the Steam and Epic Games Spring Sales. Here at AllKeyShop, we aim to offer you the best price comparison, so we compare whether Steam, Epic Games, or AllKeyShop has the best price. Here you can find the direct comparison. Check us out daily to not miss any offers.

Main Information

  • Since March 14, Spring Sales are happening in the Epic Games Store and Steam.
  • Currently, you can grab massive discounts at Steam and the Epic Games Store.
  • Save even more with AllKeyShop.

Steam Spring Sale vs Epic Games Sale

Let’s start today with 3 top games, namely the Star Wars Jedi games and Outer Wilds. First is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which you can currently get with a 55% discount at Steam and Epic Games Store, now costing only €31.49 instead of €69.99.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to the popular Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which you can currently get for just €4 at Steam and Epic Games Store. You play Cal Kestis, known from the predecessor, and experience exciting battles and a gripping story in this single-player story game.

Next, we move to Outer Wilds, currently discounted by 40% to €13.79 at Steam and Epic Games Store. In Outer Wilds, you must uncover the secrets of the solar system, traveling to various planets. On these planets, there is an incredible amount to discover, be it ruins or vast cave systems, but the planets change over time. It can happen that a cave collapses or the ground under you breaks away. In Outer Wilds, you will always find something exciting, and it won’t get boring quickly, so definitely give it a try.

Spring Sale Showdown: Who Has the Best Offer?

As you have seen under the games, we have made a direct comparison of the Steam and Epic Games prices with the prices at AllKeyShop for you. It’s immediately apparent that the prices from Steam and Epic Games Spring Sale are identical, but something else stands out. In two out of three cases, the price at AllKeyShop is lower, specifically for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Outer Wilds. The price of €4 for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is already so low, it’s hard to beat for such a top game.

So, the final score for today is: 2:1 for AllKeyShop, and thus a point for AllKeyShop. We will now make such a comparison for you every day, and at the end of the sales, you will see whether Steam/Epic Games Sales are worth it or if AllKeyShop is simply the best way to save. The best part is, with AllKeyShop, you can save all year round and not just during certain sales. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the next round of this exciting battle.

This makes the score now 1:0 for AllKeyShop against the Steam/Epic Games Spring Sale.


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