Steam & Epic Games Spring Sales vs Allkeyshop: Match of the Day 6

19 March 2024 at 19:56 in Deals, Gaming News with no comments
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The 6th day of the Steam and Epic Games Spring Sale has arrived. And as promised, we will continue to showcase a few games from the sale each day and compare the prices. So, discover more about the top games of the Spring Sale today and learn how to save even more.

Key Information

  • Since March 14th, there has been a Spring Sale on the Epic Games Store and Steam.
  • Both stores currently offer significant discounts on top games.
  • Save even more with AllKeyShop.

Steam & Epic Games Spring Sale

In today’s comparison, we focus on two very well-known shooters, Payday 3 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Both games are discounted on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Steam Sale runs until March 21st, and the Epic Games Sale until March 28th. So, if you want to get one of the games on Steam, you need to act quickly.

Payday 3 is the latest game in the Payday series, released in 2023. In this co-op shooter, you must carry out exciting heists with up to 4 friends. You can either sneak slowly and undetected towards your goal or simply shoot without mercy. The planning is entirely up to you. Payday is currently available with a 35% discount for €25.99 on Steam and on Epic Games.

Next, let’s talk about the tactical online shooter Rainbow Six Siege. In this game, you engage in tactical 5v5 battles against other players. The goal is to rescue hostages or defuse the bomb. You have access to 62 different operators, each with different weapons, abilities, and playstyles. Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for only €3.99 on Steam and in the Epic Games Store.

AllKeyShop vs Epic Games vs Steam

When we compare the prices of Epic Games and Steam, we see that the prices are identical. So, it’s only a matter of personal preference where you buy the game. And of course, when the Spring Sale ends on March 21st at Steam, the discount will only be available at Epic Games.

But when we compare the price at Epic Games or Steam with the price at AllKeyShop, we see that we can save even more on both games at AllKeyShop. This is because AllKeyShop compares prices from over 60 verified sellers. So, there’s often a deal where you can save even more. So, today it’s again 2:0 for AllKeyShop. Why not compare your games yourself in the future at AllKeyShop to always find the best price.

So, it’s now 2:0 for AllKeyShop against the Steam/Epic Games Spring Sale.


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