Serum: Early Access Out Now – Get Your Key for Less

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Serum is out now in Early Access, and you could save money on your game key by comparing prices on the Allkeyshop store pages.

Serum: Early Access Out Now

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Serum, Game Island’s first-person atmospheric survival adventure, is now out in Early Access on Steam. Now is the best time to buy it to save money before its 1.0 release.

In this new survival game, you find yourself lost in a mysterious, toxic fog that has mutated creatures into enraged monsters. On your arm is a timer that you must prevent from hitting zero, and to do so, you need to explore the environment and extract serum from the creatures you slay to inject it into your arm.

Your survival depends on your ability to gather, hunt, craft, and farm, as you’ll need a sustainable source of the serum. The serum is not just a way to sustain your life, as there are dozens of formulas to experiment with, and each mixture and combination will enhance different abilities. Learning which ones to use at the right time will be essential to escape the fog.

Out in Early Access now, Serum offers hours of exploration, crafting, and resource gathering, with various weapons and serum combinations able to be crafted. As Serum is in Early Access, the game will continue to evolve until full release, and you can be a part of it by purchasing your game key now rather than waiting for 1.0 – you will even get it cheaper by buying Serum during Early Access.

Discount Serum Early Access

Developer Game Island has already confirmed that Serum will likely increase in price once it leaves Early Access. That means the best time to buy it is now. Compare Steam key prices on our store pages and instantly get the latest and best video game deals. Spend less time shopping and more time gaming on Allkeyshop.


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