RimWorld Weekend Deal: Save BIG on Keys Until April 25th

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RimWorld Weekend Deal: Save BIG on Keys Until April 25th

As part of a Weekend Sale promotion on Steam, RimWorld, the colony sim and survival game by Ludeon Studios, is available with a 20% discount on the Valve store. Not a bad discount, also serving to promote the new DLC Anomaly released on 11 April 2024.

Where to Find RimWorld at the Best Price

RimWorld is available on the Steam Store as part of the Weekend Offer, with a 20% discount bringing the base game price to around 25€, discount available until 25th April 2024. But with Allkeyshop, you can save even more on this space-themed survival colony sim, creating various stories, and finding it for just 20€.

What is RimWorld

Developed and published by the small team at Ludeon Studios in 2018, RimWorld allows us to live unique stories thanks to an AI-generated plot, where we find ourselves stranded on an alien planet, with a crew of characters with different statistics. Statistics that will play an important role in both the survival and relational component of the characters. With new characters arriving as we continue the game, and thus expand our colony.

To complete the game, simply create a spaceship or find one of the possible remains and fix the ship. After starting the ship, we must defend it for 15 days and manage to escape from the planet with at least one colonist. With numerous DLCs adding new experiences for each playthrough, RimWorld has been incredibly successful thanks to the freedom of available choices and a simple design with cartoonish touches that instead hides a deep management and colony sim system that leads to a different story every time.


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