Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Facts on Release & Gameplay Scenes

24 March 2023 at 19:48 in Gaming News with no comments

The wait is now over, the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4 has now officially been released on March 24th.

By Kilian Kilian

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  Resident Evil 4 Remake    

Key Facts

  • The Resident Evil 4 Remake is published on 24.3 for PC, PS 4/5 and Xbox X/S.
  • You have to save Ashley Graham in a Spanish village full of zombies.
  • The Remake delivers a better quality and new content for the players.
    Resident Evil 4 Remake  

Are you ready to save Ashley and kill zombies?


It has begun, the remake of Resident Evil 4 the famous and loved story horror game is finally released. The following, I will clarify all remaining questions. 

Where can I play it?

The new Resident Evil 4 Remake will not be available only for PC, it will also be available for Playstation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox Series X I S 


Which edition should I buy?

At Allkeyshop we sell the standard and deluxe edition. The deluxe edition, which is slightly more expensive, offers you a few cosmetical skins for your character and weapons, a treasure map and the original-soundtrack.


What is the plot of the game?

The story is still the same as in the original game but with a much greater graphic. 

You play the Agent Leon S. Kennedy, who goes to the Spanish village “Pueblo” to solve a abduction case.

You need to save the daughter of the president Ashley Graham, who is taking captive of the Los Illuminados-cult.

Many of these cult members are infected so it won’t be easy to get her back.

If you have played the Chainsaw Demo you may wonder, because the Demo had the same starting location but a different plot so don’t wonder.

  Resident Evil 4 Remake  

What can I expect from the gameplay?

Resident Evil 4 is a third-person-shooter against many zombies with limited ammunition so never lose to many bullets.

The game has a few little puzzles and you get time to explore the beauty of the Spanish village with a dark atmosphere and a few jump-scares.


What is new in the Remake?

The Remake has more than just a few graphical updates. 

The helicopter pilot who was really unimportant in the original game now takes a bigger part in the game.

Furthermore, will the village be much bigger than in the original but the island keeps it size but got a complete glow up and is a little bit new. 

With the remake will come a few new side-quests where you have to fight against strong enemies but you will get a lot of loot out of them.


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