QuakeCon 2023 Sale: Last Day to Buy Doom Eternal, Fallout 4 & More

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The QuakeCon 2023 Sale ends on August 16, making this your last chance to buy Doom Eternal, Prey, and more great Bethesda Games cheap before prices rise again.

  QuakeCon 2023 Sale: Best Bethesda Games On Sale    

Key Facts

  • The QuakeCon 2023 Sale is a celebration of Bethesda games.
  • During the sale, you can find deals on a selection of games including Doom, Quake 4, and Dishonored.
  • The sale ends on August 16.



The QuakeCon 2023 Sale on Steam is a celebration of the best Bethesda games, and you can buy games like The Evil Within 2, Fallout 4, Quake 4, Dishonored, Doom Eternal, and Prey at discount before it ends on August 16.

  quakecon 2023 sale  

Bethesda has some very popular games, and some of the best games made in the last ten years, making QuakeCon the perfect opportunity for you to boost your library with great titles and save money doing it.


Doom Eternal

  doom eternal  

The forces of Hell have launched an invasion on Earth. Step into the shoes of the Slayer in an immersive solo adventure to defeat demons spanning different dimensions and prevent the ultimate downfall of humanity.

  • Steam Sale Price: €9.99 – 75% Off
  • Allkeyshop Price: €7.12 – time of writing

Fallout 4

  fallout 4  

Emerging as the lone survivor of Vault 111, you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by nuclear warfare. Every moment becomes a struggle for survival, and every decision lies in your hands. The responsibility to rebuild and shape the destiny of the Wasteland rests solely on you. Welcome to your new home.

  • Steam Sale Price: €6.59 – 67% Off
  • Allkeyshop Price: €4.27 – time of writing



You assume the role of the once-trusted protector of the beloved Empress. Wrongfully accused of her murder, you transform into a notorious assassin, identified solely by the unsettling mask that has become your emblem.

  • Steam Sale Price: €1.99 – 80% Off
  • Allkeyshop Price: €1.32 – time of writing

More Games We Recommend at QuakeCon


There are dozens of great deals to be found during the QuakeCon 2023 Sale and these are some more of our recommendations:

  • Prey – 75% Off
  • Dishonored 2 – 80% Off
  • The Elder Scrolls Online – 70% Off
  • Quake 4 – 67% Off
  • Hi-Fi Rush – 25% Off
  • Doom – 75% Off

The QuakeCon 2023 Sale ends on August 16, and if you do happen to miss the sale, make sure to check Allkeyshop.com for the best online prices before buying from your official platforms.

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