Outer Wilds Main Game & Collections on Sale – Get More Than 40% Off

26 May 2024 at 15:35 in Deals, Gaming News with 1 comment
Outer Wilds

Big Discount on Outer Wilds

Throughout next week and starting today, Outer Wilds on Steam and Epic Games is discounted by 40%. (Ends: Steam 3/6/24 at 13:00 CEST / Epic Games 13/6/24 at 8:00 CEST) So, you can currently purchase the game for only €13.79 on Steam and at Epic Games. But perhaps there’s a better way to save with AllKeyShop.

Alongside the main game, the Archaeologist Edition is also discounted by 40% on both platforms. This edition includes the main game and the only DLC for Outer Worlds, Echoes of the Eye.

Explore the depths of the solar system in Outer Wilds. You’ll need to travel to various uncharted planets and explore them. These planets are filled with discoveries, whether it’s an ancient ruin or a vast, intricate cave. However, planets are ecosystems that change, so caves may collapse or other events, like storms, may sweep across the landscape. Therefore, it’s never dull on the planets. Plus, there are many different planets for you to freely explore.

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