Get the Complete Crysis Remastered Trilogy for only 24.73€

3 October 2023 at 17:01 in Bundle with 1 comment

Currently, Steam is offering an incredible deal on the Crysis Remastered Trilogy. In this article, you’ll find all the details about this offer.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy

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Key Information

  • Steam is presenting the Crysis Remastered Bundle for an unbeatable 24.73€.
  • If you want to save even more, we recommend checking out AllKeyShop.

What is Crysis?

Crysis is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic world. You assume the role of a soldier equipped with a highly advanced Nanosuit. Your mission takes you and your team to a mysterious island in the East China Sea to rescue an archaeology team from the North Korean People’s Army.


The Deal

Currently, you can get a hefty 73% discount on the Crysis Remastered Trilogy on Steam. Instead of 44.97€, you’ll only pay 20.24€. Furthermore, individual games in the Steam store are also discounted. So, don’t miss the opportunity and be sure to check out the entire Steam offer. Here’s the Steam offer link.

The offer is only valid until October 6th, so be quick to grab the Crysis Remastered Trilogy at this great price. But if you don’t make it in time, don’t worry, because you can still save on the Crysis games at AllKeyShop.


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By Kilian Kilian

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