Fallout London Delayed: Next-Gen Update Throws Release into Chaos

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Fallout London Delayed: Next-Gen Update Throws Release into Chaos

With Bethesda’s recent announcement on 11th April regarding a Next Gen Update for Fallout 4, the fourth main installment released on 15 November 2015. An update aimed at introducing some visual improvements such as support for widescreen resolutions, various additions like Performance or Quality presets on Console, mission fixes, and much more. The update is completely free and scheduled for 25 April 2024.

Unfortunately, this new and quite unexpected update will impact the compatibility with certain mods dedicated to Fallout 4, including the biggest one on everyone’s lips, Fallout London. An overhaul mod scheduled for 23th April has been postponed due to the new update.

Team Folon Explains the delay of Fallout London

Team Folon is a modding team born with the goal of bringing an overhaul to Fallout 4, providing a new experience based on the city of London. The modding team speaks about the situation in a recent video where Dean Carter, the project leader, explains the situation. Dean talks about how Fallout London was supposed to be released on 23 April 2024, St. George’s Day, an important holiday for the English people and therefore perfect for an English-themed Fallout.

Unfortunately, the plan was indirectly ruined by Bethesda with the Next Gen Update. Dean explains in detail that Bethesda’s new update would have compromised compatibility with the mod, as it uses different elements for balancing and the result. With that said, Dean is definitely excited that Bethesda is bringing a round of improvements to the beloved title. Improvements that he promises will be available on Fallout London as well.

Fallout London: Where and When It Will Be Available

Much of the work will therefore be dedicated to resolving the incompatibility. Dean does not yet have a precise date for the Mod’s release, and the Team Folon will have to delve into the new update, arriving on 25 April, to understand where to start fixing. The project will most likely require another month or two, potentially slipping towards June in the best-case scenario, it’s hard to say. With that said, Dean also has some news regarding the availability of the Fallout London MOD.

In fact, given the size of the Overhaul, Fallout London will not only be available on Console at launch, but also not on Nexus Mod due to the size limit possible to host on the famous Modding site. With that said, Dean reassures fans as the team is in contact with GOG and it seems that not only will Fallout London be available on the GOG store but also on Steam’s, potentially even on the Epic Games Store which will have Fallout 4 in its library starting from 25th April 2024. So, it will also take a while to get your hands on this huge project that has lasted 4 years but with a care equal to if not greater than that of a professional development team. And maybe to recover or replay Fallout 4, as many users intend to do shortly.


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