DayZ Fully Launches Tomorrow After 5 Years in Early Access

12 December 2018 at 13:37 in Gaming News with no comments

DayZ has been the butt of many jokes for quite some time due to it being perpetually stuck in Early Access. However, that will be changing tomorrow as the popular survival game finally steps out of Early Access and goes into full launch.

Bohemia Interactive started development way back in 2012 and has been in Early Access for almost exactly 5 years. However, the history of DayZ stretches even further back as it started off as an ARMA mod. Bohemia made the big announcement last week in a post over at the game’s official site, just about a month after the the game finally hit beta stage. And, to celebrate the game’s long-awaited release, the publisher has released a new teaser that you can watch below:


The 1.0 release will see the “underlying engine changes introduced with the BETA” fully implemented, making the launch feel like a “fresh new start” for returning players who have not logged into DayZ for some time. This includes base building, item stashes, a vehicle and early modding support. With this, Bohemia is urging players to spread the word of the full launch to their friends.

DayZ leaves Early Access tomorrow, December 13th, on PC via Steam. The 1.0 release for consoles is planned for early 2019.

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