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Capes is a turn-based superhero strategy game set in a dystopian city where supervillains have won and superpowers are outlawed. You will play as a group of new heroes who are trying to take back the city.

The game features a cast of unique heroes with different powers and abilities, as well as turn-based tactical combat. It also features a branching storyline so the choices you make will affect the outcome of the game.

Capes Global Launch

Capes officially released on May 29, 2024 for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. While the console version of the game is already out, its PC version hasn’t yet but don’t worry as it is releasing today as well. Here are the exact time the game will unlock in your location

This “discrepancy” between PC and console does not end there however. Actually, even within the console versions, there are some differences. Capes PC and Nintendo Switch version only have a standard edition while Playstation and Xbox versions have the King City Edition.

Then when you look at it closer, the King City Edition of Playstation and Xbox are also different! Xbox’s includes the 8 Alternate Hero Skins while the Playstation’s one takes it up a notch with the inclusion of Capes Digital Artbook also.

Where to play Capes the game for free?

Capes released a demo last year which has since then been taken out. And since the game was launched today, it is very unlikely that the demo will be released again. As for gaming subscription, the game has not yet been picked up by Game Pass nor Playstation Plus.

Where can I buy Capes The Game CD Key cheap?

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