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Release date
31 December 2021
Official website
Gearbox Publishing
PC / PS5 / PS4
Action Adventure RPG Indie Tower Defense Survival ... Co-op Open World Crafting Procedural Generation

About this game

Tribes of Midgard is an isometric action survival RPG developed by Norsfell studios, in it you are Einherjar brave Vikings who have died in battle and have ascended to Valhalla but you’re feasting and drinking will have to be cut short because your services are needed once again. You must return to Midgard once again and defend the world tree Yggdrasil from invaders who wants to bring about Ragnarök the end of the world by destroying the world tree.

  • You can go at it alone, the game will adjust the difficulty settings depending on how many people are present, but the end of the world is always more fun with friends by your side you can have up to 10 friends in your world.
  • In order to protect Yggdrasil, you must become the ultimate Viking explore the procedurally generated land of Midgard, gather resources build a community around it, fortify the village, hunt mighty beasts, all in the name of getting stronger to have a better chance at defending it.
  • Be in your guard always, the Helthing’s will launch regular nightly raids on your village, but the serious threat is the Jötnar elemental giants hellbent on smashing the seed of Yggdrasil, you will need to prepare extensively when they come knocking at your door
  • As you set out in the world you unlock a special class system, job specialization for your Vikings you can choose from 8 different classes that each have unique abilities and tactics they can bring in to the table, Rangers for example are adept at exploration and long-range engagements using there bow and arrow, Seers are the healers of the world Midgard they communicate with the world tree and curse enemies.

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