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Release date
17 October 2017
Official website
Realmforge Studios
Kalypso Media
Strategy Simulation

About this game

The Dungeon Lord has finally been able to unite the forces of evil and create his dark empire. Create a unique underground dungeon out of a wide variety of rooms, traps, and structures to unleash your dark side. Choose from vile creatures like orcs, succubae, zombies, and much, much more to build the most terrifying army the world has ever seen. Once your army is ready, emerge from the shadows and lead it to the overworld’s light, where you will corrupt the land and eliminate anything even remotely brave, adorable, or unicorn-shaped. Experience randomly generated levels for the first time in the Dungeons series, making each session unique and providing endless entertainment for any evil conqueror!

  • Dungeons 3 is the biggest, best, and most evil dungeon sim yet, topped off with a completely redesigned overworld RTS mode. It’s the dungeon manager you’ve been waiting for.
  • Command the combined forces of evil and lead them to victory while operating under new leadership provided by Thalya.
  • Extensive single player campaign with 20 missions and over 20 hours of gameplay, randomly generated levels, a brand-new co-op mode for two players, more rooms, and more distinctive abilities are all examples of how size does matter.
  • The beloved Dungeons narrator is back with his distinctive voice, carrying on the legacy of the Dungeons in the best way possible.


Dungeons 3 looks and plays simply compared to some of the other strategy games out there, but there’s a definite depth of challenge to the game that, coupled with its sense of humour and excellent co-op mode, make for the perfect game to kick back with on a lazy weekend afternoon and some beers. It’s hard not to love it for that.

Digitally Downloaded

Complete Collection

The Complete Collection Edition contains the base game and the following DLC:

  • Dungeons 3 Once Upon A Time – The Absolute Evil visits Fairyland, the home of the Good Fairy. This disgustingly nice monster gives heroes energizing potions and is often the most despised source of good acts. The Absolute Evil brings this narrative to a gruesome climax with the assistance of some ensorcelled heroes and more than a few exploding sheep!
  • Dungeons 3 Evil of the Caribbean – Thalya has earned some peace and quiet after her many exploits, so the Never-Gives-Subordinates-Vacation Evil sends her to the pirate vacation paradise of Turtoga.
  • Dungeons 3 Lord of the Kings – The mighty King Arcturus returns from his adventure with the Holy Grail only to discover that his city of Stormbreeze has been destroyed. He quickly set about retaking the territories, but he hadn’t counted on Evil’s Always-Has-The-Last-Laugh.
  • Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods – The yells of jubilation continue to reverberate through the dungeon halls, with the peculiar, melodic parp of the fanfare corps’ butt trumpets – a cacophony of evil that lingers in the air following the Absolute Evil’s uncontested victory against Tanos.
  • Dungeons 3 An Unexpected DLC – Following the Absolute Evil’s continual victories and final annihilation of the Goddess of Light, the last small insec…er…heroes have sought refuge in the depths of the Queen of the Forest’s evergreen woodlands.
  • Dungeons 3 Famous Last Words – Thalya and our favorite narrator get into a very heated argument as the Absolute Evil ventures into the as-yet-unconquered depths of its own nose out of pure boredom.

Dungeons 3 Lord of the Kings

When the mighty King Arcturus returns from his journey with the Holy Grail in tow, he discovers that his city of Stormbreeze has been destroyed. He quickly got to work retaking the territory, but he had forgotten about the evil that always has the last laugh. Although the player first assists King Arcturus, they quickly switch to the Evil side where, with the aid of other heroes who have turned evil, they defeat him.

Dungeons 3 Evil of the Caribbean

Thalya has earned some peace and quiet after all of her exploits, so the Never-Gives-Subordinates-Vacation Evil sends her to Tortuga, a haven for pirates. However, it still has a few teeny-tiny responsibilities left for its general, including rum running, dealing with sea animals from the depths of the ocean, and still not paying off gambling debts.

  • A new, fully voiced campaign across 3 challenging maps
  • 3 new Evil hubs
  • New Wall Tile Set for the Dungeon
  • New Outfit: Thalya the pirate

Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods

After the Absolute Evil’s definitive victory against Tanos, a cacophony of evil still reverberates through the dungeon halls along with the peculiar, melodic parp of the fanfare corps’ butt trumpets.

  • The last clash: Eight all-new and completely voiced campaign missions put your wicked abilities to the test.
  • Two new adversaries cross the path of the Absolute Evil, seeking retribution and purging the world of all evil: the goddess and the vengeful one.
  • Holy dungeon: Don’t make the error of being kind toward the heroes who are invading; otherwise, they will establish their own outpost to dedicate the dungeon’s wicked soil in the name of the goddess.
  • Use outposts to construct imposing structures and sustaining statues to repel approaching heroes, giving the evil one more power to conquer the overworld.
  • Make your dungeon wicked once more with the help of three even deadlier traps and three unspeakably terrible spells, which will provide visitors with a hearty welcome that is naturally seasoned with the appropriate degree of evilness.
  • A new multiplayer co-op option has arrived in the dungeon; team up with your most wicked companion and enjoy pillaging and razing the city that the nice guys adore the most.

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