Battlerite Royale Gets First Gameplay Trailer

16 August 2018 at 12:41 in Gaming News with no comments

Battlerite Royale just got a new gameplay trailer, its first in fact, that gives anticipating gamers their first look at Stunlock Studios’ cross between MOBA and battle royale. Both genres have massive followings around the world so many will probably at least check out this game to see if its something they can see themselves playing.

In case you’ve never heard of Battlerite, it’s a “PvP arena brawler” released last year that enjoys quite the following on PC. With the popularity of battle royale exploding in the past months, the Stunlock has jumped in on the bandwagon and has decided to create its own take on the genre. Now, they’re ready to unleash the stand-alone free-to-play mode starting with a closed beta scheduled to happen in September.

In case you’re wondering how MOBA and battle royale mechanics fit together in one mode, check out the gameplay trailer below:

Instead of looking like Fortnite or Realm Royale, Battlerite Royale looks more like what would happen if Torchlight II got a “last man standing” PvP mode. The game is presented in top-down view like classic action-RPGs and RTS titles, setting itself apart from all the first-person and third-person titles saturating the relatively new battle royale space.

As for gameplay, players start off jumping from the back of a four-winged canine and then move on to engage opponents in skill-based combat. Although comparisons with Dota 2’s ongoing limited-time battle royale mode, The Underhollow, will probably be made, this does seem to be different enough to attract players who want to sink plenty of hours into a new game. Plus, it won’t be going away as soon as the next Dota 2 eSports season kicks off. (Although we can’t really guarantee that.)

Battlerite Royale will be heading to Steam Early Access in September.

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