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Astro Bot

The last installment of Astro Bot, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, was released six years ago and was quite popular among fans. Now, many are eagerly awaiting a sequel, and luckily, the wait may soon be over. Here’s everything we know about the potential successor to Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Key Information

  • Astro Bot is a VR jump and run game that is likely to receive a sequel soon.
  • There are no precise details about the new game yet.
  • On May 29th, the PlayStation Days of Play are expected to take place, where new details could be revealed.

What is Astro Bot

Astro Bot is a game for PlayStation. It’s a VR 3D jump and run adventure. In the first installment, your spaceship was attacked by a space monster, and now you must rescue your crew from various planets. For the game, you needed the PS VR headset and a DUALSHOCK controller. This allowed you to freely look around in the game and still play with familiar controller controls.

Astro Bot

Astro Bot Sequel

Now, there are some rumors about a sequel to Astro Bot. These rumors mainly came from journalist Jeff Grubb. But it’s becoming more and more confirmed. There aren’t many details about the game yet, but more will come soon. The PlayStation Days of Play are expected to take place on May 29th. Sony will likely offer many deals and maybe even introduce new games. Now, hopes are high for a new installment of the Astro Bot series.

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