Subnautica 2 – Season and Battle Pass Details Revealed

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Subnautica is a franchise that hasn’t received a new game for several years. Many fans naturally wonder if there will be a new game after Subnautica Below Zero, a Subnautica 2. Recently, there have been new pieces of information and several other details about the game. Here you will find out everything about it.

Main Information
  • Subnautica 2 is not expected to be released in 2024 anymore.
  • There will be a co-op mode for up to 4 players, although you can still play alone.
  • There will be no Battle or Season Pass.

What is Subnautica?

The Subnautica franchise beckons with a vast world waiting to be explored, mostly underwater. You play as a researcher who has crashed from space and must survive on a planet mostly covered by water. However, the waters are dangerous, filled with all sorts of sea monsters that can finish you off in no time.

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Nevertheless, Subnautica and its sequel Subnautica Below Zero are two beautiful games inviting exploration. In addition to exploring, you must build a base and continually improve your equipment. But of course, you don’t have to swim all the time; you can also build submarines to venture into dangerous depths. There’s much to discover, both underwater and in places on land.

Subnautica 2 Everything We Know

The new Subnautica installment will take place on an entirely new alien planet, so much will change; expect new enemies, many new fish, new landscapes, and much more. Also, new story elements and presumably new characters will appear in the game. The biggest innovation is that you can’t only play the new Subnautica installment alone like the predecessors, but with up to 4 players in co-op.

The game will run on the Unreal Engine 5, and the graphics will surpass those of the predecessor. Not many details about the game are available yet, but more will come throughout the year. Once there are concrete details, we at AllKeyShop will, of course, report on them. It was only announced that the game will not enter Early Access in 2024, so you’ll have to wait until at least 2025.

Subnautica 2 Info on Battle and Season Pass

In recent days, there have been some controversies surrounding the successor to Subnautica Below Zero that we’d like to clarify first. The publisher Krafton posted that Subnautica 2 is intended to be a “multiplayer-focused live service game,” which caused some excitement among many fans. Many players wondered if this live service Subnautica would have a Battle and/or Season Pass and if it would even be possible to play Subnautica alone anymore. The answer to this came from Unknown Worlds, the developers of Subnautica, a few days ago.

They apologized for these misunderstandings. By live service game, they merely meant that they intend to continue engaging with the game for several years after its release and to continually release new updates for the game. So, even after Early Access, new content will be added to the already finished game, continually improving it. Thus, there will also be no Battle or Season Pass, as some fans feared.

They also said that Subnautica will not be multiplayer-focused, and this is a purely optional feature. So you can either play the game together with up to 4 friends in co-op or entirely on your own like the predecessors.

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