Shadows: Awakening for Free – Limited Time Offer

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Shadows: Awakening

This weekend you have the chance to get the single-player RPG Shadows: Awakening for free. Find out what kind of game it is and how to get it for free here.

Key Information

  • Shadows: Awakening is a single-player RPG from 2018.
  • Play as a demon and acquire the abilities of heroes.
  • Get the game for free on GOG.

What is Shadows: Awakening?

Shadows: Awakening is an RPG from 2018, developed by Games Farm and published by Kalypso Media. The game is part of the Heretic Kingdoms series and the sequel to Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. However, the game can be played without knowledge of the predecessor.

You take on the role of a demon known as the Devourer. You have the ability to inherit the memories and abilities of heroes when you devour their dead souls. This allows you to switch between different characters and utilize their abilities and playstyles. Additionally, the game offers a dual-world system, meaning you can seamlessly switch between the shadow world and the mortal world. This is useful in combat and helps you solve some puzzles in the game.

Shadows: Awakening

The game also offers an exciting story with many branching plots and side missions. The decisions you make in the game influence the gameplay and the ending. With a large number of heroes, you can perfectly tailor the combat style of your pseudo-group to your taste. Additionally, you can expect exciting and tactical battles.

Get Shadows: Awakening for Free

Until June 24 at 3 PM, you can get Shadows: Awakening for free on GOG. So be quick and don’t miss this offer! To redeem the offer, you just need a GOG account. Then simply activate the game here for free. And you’re done, you can keep the game forever.

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