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Release date
17 November 2009
Official website
Action Zombies FPS Co-op Shooter Online Co-Op ... Multiplayer

About this game

In a world where the dead craves for the flesh of the living, four survivors must stay alive and find the light at the end of the tunnel in Left 4 Dead 2! This game is the most anticipated sequel to the most popular cooperative first-person (first-zombie rather, pun intended) game where the characters face hordes of zombies in an unexpected journey of survival. Run like the wind, or you’ll be bitten by meat-hungry zombies!

  • Slay zombies as one of the following survivors: Coach, Nick, Ellis, or Rochelle
  • Face these frightening and aggressive zombies: Boomer, Hunter, Smoker, Tank, Charger, Jockey, Spitter, and the must-stay-away-from, the Witch!
  • Equip weapons and items that can be collected in various places in each map to help you and your team of survivors in fighting off zombies
  • New survivors. New Story. New dialogue.
  • New uncommon zombies are added in each campaign
  • Reverse your fate and play as one of the zombies and hunt the survivors


This is a finely tuned re-installment of the game and one that includes the trademark visuals, sound, game play and tradition that Valve has steeped within it’s most favored franchises.



Left 4 Dead 2 took a great first-person shooter experience and added fresh new gameplay modes, loads of murdering and surviving accessories from melee weapons to adrenaline shots, all of which continues to satiate my desires for an FPS game that I can happily and easily spend a copious amount of hours on.

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