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Release date
14 June 2019
Official website
Idea Factory, Compile Heart
Reef Entertainment
PC / PS4 / Switch
Action Adventure RPG

About this game

Dragon Star Varnir is a turn-based JRPG developed by Japanese developers Compile Heart, In the world of Dragon Star Varnir Giant Magical Dragons Terrorize the land with impunity to maintain their dominance dragons curse human children to bear their kin they are branded as witches by other humans, the game follows a knight named Zephyr part of Knights of Requiem a prestigious order that specializes in hunting down these dangerous dragons, and the witches that bore them, but when he is almost killed in one of these missions he was saved by two witches by giving him the dragons curse. Now his once valued comrades hunt him down his only choice is to go with the witches that he once hunted down.

  • Dragons are colossal creatures it takes an entire army to take one down, Dragon Star Varnir combat revolves on a Height tier system, there are three vertical tiers in total each ally occupies a tier but a dragon occupies all three of them, crippling a tier can disable a dragons’ specific attack, and some dragons are weak to specific tier attacks so good positioning is important.
  • As a consequence, forbearing dragons witches receive magical powers from the dragon that’s inside them, as the battle goes on the witch’s dragon gauge fills up once maxed, they transform and harness more of the dragon’s power increasing their armor and unlocking new abilities (for that battle).
  • Witches have the power to devour weakened dragons to gain their powers from that specific dragon species the more you devour from that species the more those abilities become powerful.
  • Three young witches depend on you, they are your family it is for their sake that you look for a cure for the curse, to take care of them you need to feed them dragon blood or else they go insane, but if you feed them too much the dragon inside them mature and kill them, you are at a race against time and in a balancing act to save them.


It was a really quite brilliant game. There is fan service in there, and some people will look at that and the anime trappings and not be able to move past it, but underneath this exterior lies a heart that is in many ways the precise opposite of what you might be expecting. It’s almost – dare I say it – feminist in the critique it provides over the way that women are treated in this fairy tale world.



Dragon Star Varnir does what few JRPGs do as it features in-depth party customization as well as a delightful cast of characters. Factor in a boatload of additional content to master and you’re left with a must-have RPG.


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