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What is Battlefield 2042 Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Battlefield 2042 directly to Playstation 5 from PSN (PlayStation Network).

How can I find the best prices for Battlefield 2042 on Playstation 5 ?

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Release date
22 October 2021
Official website
Electronic Arts

About this game

Battlefield 2042 is the 12th battlefield game in the long-running franchise, a return to the series multiplayer-focused all-out-warfare style gameplay that supports 128 player lobbies for next-gen consoles. The world of battlefield 2042 is set in the near future in a “what if” scenario where uncontrolled global climate change caused much of society to collapse, causing a massive refugee crisis of 1.2 billion people in both civilians and stateless soldiers called non-patriated these soldiers are in turn used by the only two remaining superpowers on earth USA and Russia to wage war with each other over the earth’s remaining resources.

  • Play in 4 game modes including Conquest, Breakthrough, hazard zone, and a yet unnamed game mode. Conquest sees 2 teams of 128 players duke it out on a massive map consisting of cluster zones contesting control over several flags. Breakthrough sees 2 teams of attackers and defenders; attackers try to push through to an objective while defenders try to stop them.
  • 7 maps have been revealed so far, Orbital Kourou French Guiana, Hourglass, Doha Qatar, Kaleidoscope South Korea, Manifest Brani Island Singapore, Discarded Alang India, Breakaway Queen Maud Land Antarctica, and Renewal Eastern Desert Egypt. Each of these maps has a unique and dynamic topography.
  • Play as 10 specialists these specialists have special perks and abilities like turrets, grappling hooks, drones, etc. Any specialist can use whatever weapon they want with no restrictions.
  • Battlefield 2042 will be a live service game meaning even after it is released the game will be receiving seasonal updates and free and paid battle pass.

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There are 4 offers ranging from £69.99 to £109.99.

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PlayStation 5 Hardware Console. Playstation 5 home video game console hardware developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and released in 2020. The fifth generation of PlayStation.
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