Battlefield 2042: Next Patch Will Improve Gameplay

27 November 2021 at 19:03 in Gaming News with no comments

EA and DICE have revealed the details of the next patch for Battlefield 2042, which is designed to improve gameplay across all platforms.

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The Battlefield 2042 Update #1 was released recently, and DICE addressed bugs that have been causing issues since the game’s launch.

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One notable improvement aims to reduce rubber banding and stuttering when playing All-Out Warfare and Breakaway game modes.



Battlefield 2042 Update 0.2.1 Fixes, Changes, and Improvements:

  • Server Side upgrades to reduce rubber banding in later parts of rounds in All-Out Warfare.
  • Reduced instances of stuttering during Breakaway matches.
  • Team names of allies will display correctly.
  • Falck’s end-of-round animations adjusted.
  • Gator skin for Boris updated for Mastery Progression.
  • TDM rounds in Battlefield Portal will now start with Random Deploy set as active.
  • The correct number of AI spawns in custom Battlefield Portal modes will now be ensured.
  • You can now select Specialist using the mouse in Hazard Zone (PC only)
  • Fixed an issue with End of Round flow in Hazard Zone to ensure correct XP is granted.
  • Fixed the Map in Hazard Zone so that players will not show when not visible or spotted.
  • Hazard Zone players will now see their Extraction Streaks correctly.

It’s no secret that BF 2042 has been plagued by problems since its early access launch, and reviews on Steam have reflected the fanbase’s dislike of DICE’s latest title in the series.

Alongside the 0.2.1 launch patch, DICE revealed via tweets their plans to release a second update in the coming days to address further bugs and the odd vehicle balancing.

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Upcoming Battlefield 2042 November Patch Details:

  • Revives are fixed so that players should no longer find themselves unable to spawn due to geometry.
  • UAV-1 is now rebalanced and will re-enter the game alongside the patch.
  • Loadouts should no longer appear missing, and you should no longer need to reconnect to a server.
  • The LCAA Hovercraft is re-equipped with lighter armor and has its weapons nerfed, along with similar updates to the MD540 Nightbird.

EA and DICE hope that the changes will see an improved game and help address some of the frustrations players have experienced.

There is no date for the patch, but DICE expects it to release by the end of November.




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