New WoW ‘The War Within’ Trailer Reveals Key Characters

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The War Within

Just a few days ago, the official trailer for the new World of Warcraft DLC “The War Within” was released. This new DLC brings a new allied race, new talents, a new area, and much more. Find out everything about the trailer and DLC here.

Main Information

  • The new trailer for WoW The War Within showcases the new race and the enemy.
  • Expect a new area, many new abilities, and new enemies.
  • The War Within is set to release in the last quarter of 2024.

What is WoW The War Within

The War Within is the latest DLC for WoW, set to release later this year. The DLC introduces a new area to the world, Khaz Algar, the underground of Azeroth. Additionally, it brings a new race, the Earthen, as allies into the game, and much more. We’ll delve into the new features shortly. But first, let’s discuss the new trailer.

The War Within Trailer

On June 3rd, The War Within trailer was released. In the trailer, which you can also watch above, you can already see some important characters from the DLC. We see Xal’atath, a character featured prominently at the end, making Xal’atath the most memorable. Xal’atath will play a central role in the new DLC. Xal’atath’s motives are unclear, and she is generally a very mysterious personality.

WoW The War Within

We also see an Earthen, representing the new race in WoW. The Earthen are new allies composed of titan-forged stone. They live deep beneath the surface of Azeroth, where the DLC takes place. Their capital city will be a new hub in the DLC where players can gather. Once you complete the Earthen’s quest, you can play as them yourself.

What’s New in The War Within

The War Within introduces several new features. As mentioned, the Earthen are a new playable class. The new area, Khaz Algar, consists of four regions: Isle of Dorn, The Ringing Deeps, Hallowfall, and Azj-Kahet. New enemies and plenty of new discoveries await. In Dornogal, the capital of the Earthen, you can rest peacefully.

Additionally, the maximum level is raised to 80. But that’s not all. All classes receive a new talent tree, adding even more depth to the game and making it easier for players to customize their character to their own playstyle.

WoW The War Within

Then there are eight new dungeons, four for leveling and four for endgame content. There’s also a new raid, Nerub’ar Palace, which features a total of eight bosses, so gather your guild and conquer this raid as soon as it releases.

Another addition is the Delves. These are a type of mini-dungeons that you can play alone or in small groups. There you’ll encounter unique challenges and epic loot, separate from traditional dungeons and raids.

The last major change we’ll discuss here is dynamic flying. There will be improved flight mechanics, which should please many players, but that’s not all. It will also be available for hundreds of mounts.

The War Within Release and Cost

The War Within is set to release later this year. Unfortunately, it will be in the last quarter, so it’s a wait until winter. Then there’s the question of how much the new DLC will cost. Directly ahead, it’s not a free update, but a DLC that you’ll need to buy to explore the new area. There will be three editions in total: Base Edition, Heroic Edition, and Epic Edition.

WoW The War Within

Pre-ordering the Base Edition will get you the DLC upon release, WoW Dragonflight, an upgraded character boost to level 70, and 500 Merchant Coins. This edition costs $50 at Blizzard.

With the Heroic Edition, you’ll also receive the Algarian Stormrider as a mount, featuring dynamic flying. You’ll also get some customization options and access to special racetracks. Additionally, you’ll receive the “Stormrider’s Garb” set, which you can even upgrade. Instead of 500 Merchant Coins, you’ll get 750. This edition costs $70.

In the Epic Edition, you’ll get everything from the Heroic Edition plus beta access to the DLC and the ability to play it three days before everyone else. You’ll also receive an extra 30 days of game time, a pet: Pusti the Stormling, the Sandstorm Griffon Toy, and the Earthen Reststone Effect. However, this edition also costs $90.

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