World War 1 Shooter Isonzo Now Available on Xbox Game Pass

13 June 2024 at 17:40 in Gaming News, Subscriptions with 1 comment

Brutal trench warfare & historic offensives await in Isonzo. Play now for free with Game Pass and experience the Great War’s unique horrors.

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Isonzo is a first-person shooter video game that focuses on team-based multiplayer combat set on the Italian Front of World War I. It is the sequel to Verdun and Tannenberg, which are other World War I games developed by BlackMill Games.

Isonzo features intense 48-player matches where you fight for control of objectives on maps based on historical locations. The game emphasizes authenticity with weapons, uniforms, and environments all being recreated based on extensive research.

The game offers a variety of game mode including Offensive, which is a multi-map experience that will take you through different stages of a major offensive. There’s also Frontline, a more traditional capture-the-flag mode, and Domination which tasks players with controlling specific points on the map.

Play Isonzo for Free with Game Pass

If you have an active Game Pass subscription, you can start playing Isonzo for free on June 13, 2024. It will be available to play on Game Pass PC and Console.

Isonzo is the second game to enter the service today. Earlier, the 2022 survival horror game The Callisto Protocol was added to GP and is available on PC, Consoles, and Cloud Gaming.

The game marks the end of the wave 1 Game Pass additions this month. As for the second wave, there’s only Still Wake Deep that is confirmed. But considering we’re done with wave 1 and are in the middle of the month, we should get the updated list of titles to join the service for the remaining days of June.

Also check out the games leaving Game Pass on June 15 which includes Bramble The Mountain King and Rune Factory 4 Special among others. There definitely isn’t enough time now to finish these games so just enjoy the 20% discount on Game Pass you can get.

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