Weird West: RPG Shooter Launches Fall 2021

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WolfEye Studios and Devolver Digital’s action RPG Weird West features a band of heroes that each have unique journeys.

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Get ready for a new kind of Wild West adventure as Weird West brings you not only one, but five unique stories that will let you write your own journey.


What is Weird West?


Weird West is a dark fantasy action RPG set in the Frontier-era Wild West. It features five different characters, with each one providing a unique journey that’s intertwined with each other.

The game goes beyond lawmen and gunslingers as some of the characters are mythical creatures like the werewolf.

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In Weird West, you will be using your character’s unique abilities in combination with top-down shooting. You also need to balance this with each of their strengths and weaknesses.

You can also play the game alone, or with a team. As for combat, you have a variety of weapons to choose from which you can use along with your character’s magical abilities.

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Your choices in the game will also play a role into how your journey will be shaped. Build or dissolve relationships, and make choices through conversations with other characters. Even the way you fight will define your own play style.

And speaking of play style, the world responds to it: shooting ammo boxes turns them into improvised bombs, throwing something burning to a tornado to create a fire hazard, or drenching your enemies then using lightning to burn them into crisps, and much more.


Platforms and Release Window


Although Devolver Digital has not announced a specific release date yet, it has mentioned that Weird West will be launching sometime in autumn of this year.

It will be available for players on PC via Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


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