Allkeyshop VIP Reward | Earn More Points! Get Free Games!

By Grimtag on October 22, 2015 Rewards Program with 53 Comments


Are you one of those who have superb talent creating videos, or writing articles? Well, you’re in luck, ’cause you might be eligible to join the Allkeyshop VIP Rewards where you can earn hundreds of thousands of points and use them to join our DAILY LOTTERIES and win FREE GAMES!

Sounds interesting? Read on to find out how you can take part in this great opportunity.


We’re looking for experienced and talented individuals who are able to create high-quality videos or articles that are related to video games.

Having your own YouTube channel (with at least 500 subscribers) with high-quality videos and/or a blog/website with regular visitors and active readers will definitely give you an advantage in joining the roster of VIPs in our Rewards Program.

If your video/article meets our high standards, you’re in line to earning 150,000 Points!


Content – Your video should be about PC game walkthroughs/playthroughs, tutorials, cheats, or tips and tricks. Aside from these, you also need to include our opening and closing clips in your video (you can download these from our official YouTube channel). We won’t be accepting any other content aside from those mentioned.

The content should also be your own original work. Videos that were re-uploaded using existing videos from other channels will not be accepted.

Duration and Video Quality – Your video should be at least 10 minutes long (minimum) and must be at 480p (minimum). We will not be accepting videos that do not meet the said requirements.

Audio – Videos should include narrations/voice overs.

Language – Your video can be in any language, however, you need to provide us a description in English on what your video is all about.


Upload the video file to your Dropbox or Google Drive. If you own a YouTube account, you can also upload it there. Send an email to using the following format:

EMAIL SUBJECT: VIP REWARD | Video Submission – Title of the Game


Include the following information on the email body:

  • URL of the video file in your Dropbox/Google Drive/YouTube account. (Please make sure that your settings will allow us to download your video)
  • Your allkeyshop username
  • The email address associated with the Facebook/Google account you used to connect/join the Rewards Program
  • Name of the website you’re earning points from


If you are a talented writer, a huge fan of video games, someone who writes anything and everything about video games (news, features, etc.), and if you want your content to be featured on our blog, then you are also eligible to earn 150,000 Points!

Content – Your article should be your own original work and should be related to video games (news, reviews, essay, commentary, etc.). Your work should be 800 words minimum, and must be in English.

If you also own a blog/website, you can publish your article there and send us the URL of your article/blog post via email.

Your content will be reviewed by our team. If it meets our standards, you will be rewarded with the points.


Send us your article via email to



Attach your article (WORD FILE) in your email and include the following information in the message body:

  • URL of the article/blog post from your website/blog (if you own one; if not, skip this step)
  • Your allkeyshop username
  • The email address associated with the Facebook/Google account you used to connect/join the Rewards Program
  • Name of the website you’re earning points from

Disclaimer: All submissions are subject to review by our team. Our team reserves the right to accept/reject submissions as we see fit.

For more information about our Rewards Program, CLICK HERE