Ubisoft Sale VS Allkeyshop Deals – The Best Price Match

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Are the Ubisoft sales really worth it? Let’s find out the result of the price match on the Ubisoft games list and buy the cheapest activation code

  Ubisoft Sale   Allkeyshop deals and prices  

Everyone wants to support developers and publishers but let’s face it, unless money is only an object to you, every gamer out there is on a look out for video game sales and deals.

This made the rise of online key sellers possible and lucrative as they can always offer prices lower than official stores.

But then, here comes official sales like Ubisoft Summer Sale that offers up to 75% off on select titles. Imagine that the game you’ve been dreaming of but never really had the budget to buy is part of it!

Question is, can you really get games cheaper in the Ubisoft summer sale?


What is the date of Ubisoft Summer sale?

Ubisoft’s summer sale started on July 5, 2023 1PM GMT and will last until July 20, 2023 1PM GMT. If you didn’t know about it, then you still have a few days before it ends.

This year’s sale got everyone excited because not only are they offering massive discounts but they are also giving away cashbacks through Ubisoft Wallet Rewards.

Depending on the currency, for example with EUR, GBP, and USD, when you spend a minimum purchase of 19.99 excluding tax and shipping, you are entitled to redeem almost half of that amount through the Wallet Management page.

So when you buy 19.99 € worth of games, you get 10€ back in Wallet Rewards which you can use to buy CD keys with the exception of pre-orders, virtual currency, in-game content, Ubisoft+, and Rocksmith+.

Don’t wait too long though as this Wallet Rewards expire on September 21, 2023. Here’s a more detailed look of the Ubisoft cashback per country.

Ubisoft Wallet Rewards

How to buy Ubisoft activation code cheaper?

So with all these discounts and cashbacks, is there a way to buy Ubisoft activation code even cheaper? Allkeyshop can help you with that!

Allkeyshop compares prices and offers from different key sellers including official stores like Ubisoft, so you have all the information you need of how much and where you can buy cheap CD keys.

Let’s have a look at these games to compare Ubisoft Sale and Allkeyshop Deals to see where you can get the best price!


The Settlers New Allies


This captivating real-time city-building and strategy game was released a few months ago with a high price tag of 59.99 €. But with the Ubisoft sale, you can now get The Settlers New Allies Standard Edition CD key cheaper at 35% off or only 38.99 €.

Compared to the Allkeyshop deal however, the same edition can be bought for even less!


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarök


This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC is currently at 60% off on the Ubisoft store, pricing it at 16,00 € which is a massive cut from the regular price of 39.99€. If you do not have the main game yet, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Complete Edition which also includes the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC, has even got a better deal at 70% off bringing it down to 42,00 €.

Compared to the Allkeyshop deal however, these can be bought for cheaper especially when you apply the Allkeyshop exclusive discount codes.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction


Rainbow Six Extraction fans are in for a treat! Both the Deluxe Edition and the United Bundle are part of the summer sale. The Deluxe edition is only 15,00 € or at 70% off discount. While the United Bundle, which includes Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition, is at 67% off, pricing it at only 19.80€.

The Standard Edition is not part of the Ubisoft Summer Sale but we know where you can get it cheaper. Using our tool, you can get any of these editions for less with the Allkeyshop deal.


Far Cry 6


Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 has a lot in store for gamers this season. Its Standard and Deluxe editions are part of the developer’s summer sale. The standard edition is at 75% off bringing the price down to 15,00 €. The deluxe edition is also at 75% discount which brings the price tag to only 20,00 €.

If you already have the base game, great news for you! The Game of the Year Upgrade Pass is also part of the sale at 60% off, pricing it at 24,00 €.

Great prices and massive savings but compared to the Allkeyshop deal, you can level up your savings even more!


Riders Republic


Have you been eyeing Riders Republic since its release but never gotten the cash for its steep price tag? Ubisoft heard you cos now the Standard and Gold editions are included in their sale and both are at 75% off!

Comparing the big price cut on Ubisoft and the best Allkeyshop deal for Riders Republic though, both are cheaper with the latter especially with the applied Allkeyshop discount code.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Another Tom Clancy favorite, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also part of the sale with its Standard and Ultimate Edition. With both at a whopping 80% discount, you can get the Standard for 12,00 € while the Ultimate edition which includes the base game, Year 1 Pass, Infiltration Pack, and the Ultimate Pack for only 24,00 €.

For the same editions however, Allkeyshop deal is offering it at the cheapest price of 9,32€ and 17,16€ respectively, thanks to the price comparison tool and the applied AKS discount code.


The Crew 2


Now this is a discount everyone looks for. The Crew 2 Standard and Gold Editions are now at 90% discount with the Ubisoft Summer Sale! The standard edition is priced at 5,00 € while the gold one is at 9,00 €.

Compared to the Allkeyshop cheapest deal, you can still get it cheaper than the official store but not by a great deal. But it will be when the Ubisoft sale ends in a few days!


Watch Dogs Legion


Another amazing deal from Ubisoft with Watch Dogs Legion Standard and Ultimate Editions. Get the standard one for only 9,00 € marking it at 85% off or the ultimate edition which includes the base game, season pass, and 4 weeks of VIP statues for only 24,00 €.

Not enough of a discount? Allkeyshop just has the perfect price tag for you! Whatever edition you want to buy, Allkeyshop can show you the cheapest price. Case in point, the Standard Edition you can buy for only 6,73 € with the applied Allkeyshop discount code.


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Standard Edition is also now massively discounted as part of the Ubisoft Summer Sale! Buy this edition at the official store with a 70% discount which brings the price down to 9,00 €.

But you can get it even cheaper at almost half that amount with Allkeyshop deals! Check out the lowest price then apply our exclusive discount code for the best deal possible!


Anno 1800


Anno 1800 is one of the best selling games in this Ubisoft Summer Sale. You can buy the Standard Edition at 75% off or only 15,00 € which is a massive discount from its usual price of 59,99 €. The Gold Edition on the other hand which includes the base game, digital deluxe pack, and season 4 pass is currently at 60% discount or 32,00 €.

Good prices at the Ubisoft sale but better ones with Allkeyshop deals! Not only is the published price lower but because of Allkeyshop exclusive discount codes, you can buy Anno 1800 at the cheapest price.


So is the Ubisoft Summer Sale worth it?

Well if you only want to buy in official stores, then this is the perfect time to go video game shopping. But if you’re after a good deal with the cheapest price possible, then Allkeyshop can help you with that all year round!


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